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Gold Leaf Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

 Gold Leaf Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

This DIY floral arrangement is perfect for this season- Gold Leaf DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Tree! This Thanksgiving thankful tree is wonderful for as a centerpiece on your table this year. We had a nice time taking a moment to think of things we are #thankful for and write them down on the golden leaves. Each guest to your event get to have a chance to add to the tree, you can even share what each person wrote on the tree before the meal etc. 


Glass Vase
Ornamental Corn
Gold glitter Cardstock
String / Bakers Twine
Floral Sprigs
Leafy Sprigs
Scissors / cutting device
Marker/ Pens
Mini Pumpkins {optional}


Step 1:

Begin filling your glass vase with which ever filler you decided on. I used ornamental corn since it favored the shape of my vase and because it helped hold my floral sprigs.

Step 2:

Arrange the floral, leafy sprigs in the vase one by one. I used ones that 'hung' a certain way so that the golden leaves would hang like ornaments on a tree would.

Step 3:

Cut you golden leaves out of the gold glitter cardstock. Pierce a hole through each on and use bakers twine or string as a loop/hock for each leaf.

Step 4:

Arrange the markers, leaves, and the thankful tree in a focal point of the entry of your event or on the main table so each guest can create their leaf and show what they are thankful for.


Ornamental Corn- Grocery Store
Vase- Marshalls
Gold Cardstock- Target
Ribbon- Michaels
Twine- Walmart
Bakers Twine- Amazon
String- Walmart
Markers- Target
Floral Sprigs- Dollar Store
Leafy Sprigs- Dollar Store

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute 

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