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Super Mario Bros Party {Series}: Food

Super Mario Bros Party {Series}: Food

For a Super Mario Brothers Party I wanted to serve various amazingly adorable Super Mario Bros Party food choices and ideas that resembled the characters in the video games. Yet, I also did not want too many sugary items because of the kids. Though there are so many cute ideas that involve sweets, it is definitely not realistic to serve that at a birthday party since most parents do not want the kids consuming the sugar and we most definitely do not want to be left with all the un-eaten sweet treats or candy. 

Candy buffets look great, but when I had one at our wedding...we were left with so much candy because we had to fill the jars with so MUCH candy to make it look beautiful...but no one can eat that much candy, not even a whole wedding reception full of people. So a candy, cake pop, sugary sweet buffet was not happening when my son and his friend's are already hyper when the see each other.

With a trip the the produce section, some creativity with your printer, and paper crafts you too can whip up some of the following projects for this Super Mario Bro's Birthday theme.

Fire Power Flower- Veggie Tray

The flower stem were actually star shaped cucumber slices. It goes with the theme yet also takes off most of the peel for those that do not like the taste of it.

Piranha Cups with Mario Fruit Snack packs and Gold Chocolate Coins

Piranha Party Favor Cups

Star Power- Sandwiches
I made these with Nutella and Peanut Butter, then mini Chocolate Chip eyes.

Mario Star Power Sammies

We had a 7 Up Tower near the drink station because (no caffeine) yet still had sugar, but it resembled when the earn 1 Up coin points in the video game...only here it was 7 up!

I attached some fake 'Mario' mustaches to keep with the theme on some dollar store red solo cups.
The yellow shredded paper on the 7 UP soda drink tower was also from the dollar store.

Princess Peach Puffs- Pink Cakes

Super Mario Cart Bananas- Gummy Treats

Mario and Luigi Mustache- Cupcakes

I made the cakes without frosting them, then just added a dollop of chocolate from another project then placed the mustache topper on them instead of having both. The kids and parents loved this!

I put the cupcakes into these cupcake holders that I turned into Super Mario 'Mushrooms', or storybook house or whatever the kids call them...

I already had the cupcake tower/ holder from another party year and the colors worked perfectly.

Mario Mushroom Pops- Marshmallows

Now let's be real...these did not come out as beautiful as I 'envisioned' them to be, but they're still super adorable, and you get the theme idea!!

Piranha Plants- Fruit Kabobs
This was taken with my iPhone so the image is not bad;)

Super Mario Salad Stars and Mushrooms- Radishes/ Cucumbers Tray

Look how cute the "Mushroom" Radishes came out, that did take a long time but I got a method when doing it down to a fast system....made it much faster. Spin knife tip to create the mushroom dots, then roll knife around bottom half of the skin...then chop in the square stem and it just practically falls off. Drop them back into water until you are ready to serve.

Well I hope you like this post in the Super Mario Bro's Party {Series} this has been the Food portion.

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ENJOY!!! Please leave a comment below and let me know you stopped by!

~Be Sweet
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  1. Adorable! My son loves Mario. I will have to make a few of these for him.

    1. thank you for visiting Audrey, he will totally love love love it!!


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