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Super Mario Bros Party {Series}: Decor

We recently celebrated our eldest child's Birthday all the way up until last you ever have those kid's birthdays that just never seem to end...? We do. This year the theme was Super Mario Bro's Party Decor and here is part of the {Series}: the Decor Scroll to bottom for links to the Food, and the Games for all things related to this Super Mario Bros Party.
He has his party and then the real date he actually turns his new year 'age' and it goes on and on with the birthday cards, phone calls, and gifts. We always give him his gift from us on his 'real' birthday whenever his party falls on the weekend before.

This year he wanted a Super Mario Bros birthday party since he has Nintendo Wii and likes to play Mario Cart with his friends every so often, when we allow him to play on rainy days or REALLY hot days. Usually he spends most of his time playing outside, swimming, skateboarding, biking, or shooting, baseball, name it, he LOVES it.
Cupcake To-go Containers: We had received a catalog in the mail from Birthday Express or similar.... 'coincidentally' when it was time to start planning his party this year, funny...same thing happens when it's time to start planning our daughters birthdays each year as well ;) BUT, there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on decorations and games when I could DIY them and make them myself with the help of my assistant named Dollar Tree and some helping hands from our son. Source list at the bottom of post.

Treat Bags: Most of the items I used we already had, were from the Dollar Store, or Party City (another expensive option). Things can get expensive when you are buying supplies, games, and prizes for 40+ kids and their parents,

 Party Hats: I tried to find items that could be used unisex since there were both boys and girls attending this event to celebrate...

Question mark yellow treat bags, hologram party hats, wii controller game prizes, mushroom cupcake holders, and giant red mushroom centerpiece.

 I made these mushrooms by using cupcake holders and white label dots.

Floating Cloud Decorations:

Look at the scale/size in relation to my birthday boy standing next to them! They are perfect to decorate the area as Super Mario clouds.

Super Mario Brother's Cloud Decor Tutorial coming soon!---> now...They are pretty self explanatory, DONE!
These were out above the drink and snack station outside.

Mario Drinks: Our 7up centerpiece in the beverage and snack area! Goes along with the theme, instead of 1up it's 7up.... Then the mini water bottles we customized with Super Mario bottle labels.

Luckily we found these star decorations on clearance from the Fourth of July holiday, we re-purposed these since it went with our star-powered Super Mario theme. Can you tell which chairs they used to hang the stars from the canopy ceiling?

TIP: Shop holiday clearance sales that correspond with your theme throughout the year, save and gather deals up for the party ahead of time!

DIY Super Mario Brothers Pinata Tutorial
Authentic design and Traditional look....

I tried my best to decorate with functional designs so that most of the party items would not go to waste. Every piece of decor had a purpose as well as decorative role in the atmosphere.

 TIP: Cut characters and logos out of the cardboard Fruit Snack packs, which I used for the Piranha Plant party favors. Double the function in your design!!
-5 logos (2 mini, 3 large)
-4 characters (2 Mario, 2 Luigi)

Mario Mustache Cups

Super Mario Piranha Plants
Since he was turning 8, I painted the leaving to shape a figure eight!!

DIY Piranha Plant cup favors tutorial coming soon!

Each cup had a Super Mario fruit snack pack, gumballs, and chocolate gold 1up coins!!
All the items I used to make these I already had or I purchased inexpensively from the dollar store.

Source List:

Red and White Cupcake Tower
Red Cupcake Holders 'Mushrooms'- 3 for $1 Dollar Store
Blue Cupcake Holders 'Mushrooms'- 3 for $1 Dollar Store
White Label Dots- 100 for $1 Dollar Store
Balloons Stars- Dollar Store
Party Hologram Hats- 8 for $1 Dollar Store
Mini Water Bottles- $4 Target
Giant Red Mushroom- FREE
Paper Lanterns 'Clouds'- FREE
Cloud Poster Boards- Dollar Store
Piranha Cups- 6 for $1 Dollar Store
Red Mustache Cups- Dollar Store
'Mario' Mustaches- 6 for $1 Dollar Store
Tablecloths Plastic- $1 Dollar Store
Mario Logos/Artwork- FREE printed

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