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Thursday SWEET HAUTE Share Link up Party

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Here's some things that have been going on at SWEET HAUTE...
Easter Egg Cakes Tutorial from Mama's High Strung!

 Purging and Spring Cleaning Tips: Tutorial and ideas from Probably Crafting!

and over at the SWEET HAUTE home:

Make a banner bunting for your child's next party!

Candy Striped Cleaning Collective- Before and After REVEAL
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THANK YOU to everyone that linked up any of their projects at last week's party.
 The Top 5 visited posts included...
Oreo Easter Bunny Treats

seahorse canvas art


edible table setting 


An InLinkz Link-up

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Tuesday, April 22

Day 13-18 Remix 30X30 Outfit Challenge Spring

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Welcome to Week 3 of my Spring 30X30 Outfit Challenge!

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Spring Cleaning Purging Tips: Tutorial

 Visiting today is a totally cool blogger....
Take it away Becka.....!!!

Spring Time Purging Tips from a True Hoarder
by Becka blogger at Probably Crafting

Spring time is here and with it comes a desire to purge and renew my entire house. I’ve been stuck inside all winter long looking at this mess and I’m ready to liberate myself from the clutter. My only issue is I suffer from being an incurable hoarder. I mean, if it wasn’t for my husband, episode of The Hoarders ready hoarder. I’m not a trash hoarder or a stinky animal poop hoarder but I am a treasure hoarder. Baby clothes, blankets, toys, and whatever else that comes through the front door but doesn’t find its way back out the front door.
My children have a tendency to bring home a lot of things….
The biggest part of cleaning is just getting started. Once you get started and motivated things will get done.
To build that needed motivation think of how good you will feel in a nice, clean, and uncluttered house.
A few tips that I try to use to decide what makes the cut and what gets cut:
  1. Can I use it for something else besides the items intended purpose?
  2. Will it fit the kids in the next three years?
  3. Do I know anyone who could use the item?
  4. Do I have somewhere to hide it from my husband?
  5. Does it have any holes, broken parts, or missing pieces?
  6. Is it a missing piece to something I have thrown away?
  7. Did I answer yes to 5 or 6 above? Throw it away, I mean it… Just toss it. You can do without it… Come on. Don’t put it back in the box. I said, THROW IT AWAY!
  8. If it is in a box with other junk and hasn’t been used in a year, toss it. Toss the whole box while you are at it. Yes, I said the whole box!
  9. If it’s been in the back of the closet and hasn’t been seen in a year. Toss it along with anything in the proximity. How many black shoes do you need anyway?
  10. If it looks like I haven’t touched it in a year. I can live without it.
  11. Keep telling myself… I can live without it. I can’t live without it… I mean I can live without it.
  12. Breathe…

It may be time to start enrolling the kids in hoarders anonymous.
I am trying hard to force myself to purge all unneeded or unused items from our lives but it is a process one day at a time. I may clean out 6 bags of clothes today and then go shopping tomorrow. Did someone mention a shopping excursion? I’m in! 

Thank you, that was a short and "sweet," helpful tutorial full of tips on how to get your home ready and organized this Spring 

Some of my favorite blog posts by her are:

Be sure to stop by and visit her and leave a comment letting her know you were there, and that you found her on SWEET HAUTE blog. Stay tuned for more tutorials...

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