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Christmas Ornament Topiary- Tutorial

DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary
Christmas is in the air {my son's favorite holiday}...the Christmas decorations in the store went up immediately after Halloween and we haven't even had Thanksgiving Dinner yet! Today I am sharing a wonderful, budget friendly DIY project that you can complete and you can display it right on the day after Thanksgiving {of course}...that's when the tree would go up in my house when I was growing up. This is my thrifty DIY approach to those beautiful, although sometimes expensive, Christmas Ornament Topiaries. You can use it indoors by the fireplace or tree....or outside to give the final touch to your amazing Christmas porch decor. 
If you cannot make them this year, pin it on Pinterest....hit up the clearance Christmas Sales {like we did} and make them for next year ;) Source list at end of this post.

DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary- Tutorial

    - Baskets
    - various sizes
    -12 inch
    -10 inch
    -8 inch
Glue Sticks
Hole 'starter'
    -{i used a clean meat thermometer...hahaha}
Drill Bit

Here are some closer images so you can enjoy the glitz and glitter!
I don't know if you can see it clearly, but the bottom ornament is painted white with iridescent white opal glitter, it didn't communicate well through the photo...maybe try silver or stripes again for yours.

Step 1:
Selection the shapes, scale, and sizes you want your specific topiary to be.
 Here I am planning what design pattern I want before painting and gluing.

Step 2:
Lay out some newspaper and paint the Styrofoam balls {if you have any} one side at a time, sprinkle glitter on the wet paint and let dry, paint the next part once paint it dry. Set aside.

For my ornament pattern I needed to paint to Styrofoam balls, I couldn't find ornaments large enough so I had to DIY them!
 The red paint and glitter looked like this after drying... :)

Step 3:
Take off the top 'hooks' of each shatter proof ornament and drill a hole for the wooden dowel to go through directly across from the other opening.

Here {above right} is the mini ornaments I found, my glitter, and the paint I used...

Remove hook attachment and drill hole opposite of each opening.

Step 4:
Poke a hole into the styrofoam and insert wooden dowel / guide ornaments through the drilled holes you made.

Step 5:
Insert Styrofoam insert into urn if you need to connect wooden dowel. Add something to container to weigh it down so it will not tip over.

Step 6:
Glue your largest ornament to the base of the urn/ container with hot glue or E600 glue. Make sure it's level and straight.

Step 7:
Add glue in between each ornament connection so they are secure. Attach the mini ornaments to cover the connections or leave open if it looks presentable.

 The sequin iridescent ornaments are my favorite!
I don't know why the white ornament's iridescent glitter and paint aren't translating to the images. I person you can really see:( ...tear. 

I ended up not adding tiny ornaments to the last 2 top rows because it didn't look right and since the connections between the ornaments were seamless enough I just left it open. I really love how it came out, and once I curated all my materials it actually came together really quickly!

Someone else really likes it too...you can see the scale of this ornament topiary next to my youngest daughter. The fireplace mantle is about 5.5ft so these decorations would look great flanking the front door, a porch, or a beautiful fireplace in your home!

DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary
Enjoy, please leave a comment to let me know you visited!
If you have questions, comment below. Inbox or tag me if you've made one and would like to share it!

Urn- Hobby Lobby (painted it silver with Krylon Spray Paint)
12 inch Styrofoam Ball- Michaels
10 inch Styrofoam Ball- Michaels
Wooden Dowel- Lowes/ Michaels
Ornament Set- Walmart
Large ornaments- Target
Mini Ornaments (vase filler)- Michaels
Paint- Michaels
Gitter- Michaels
Hint: use coupons and clearance end-of-season sales at all of the above locations!
Hint: paint items to match color palette instead of searching endlessly:)

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Enjoy, and please leave me a comment below to let me know you've visited!!

~Be Sweet
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  1. This is so lovely, what a fab idea. It did make me smile when you say "drill a hole in the ornament" Is that as easy as it sounds?
    There is no way I have time to make this for this year but I'm thinking I could pick up suitable ornaments in the sales in January and maybe have a go for next year - I love the size and scale of it.

    1. thanks, that what I did;)
      Drill a hole...yes I guess it's easy if you use a drill as often as we do around here...LOL

  2. Just gorgeous! -- I'm featuring you today at Show Me Saturday. Hope to see you there!

    1. thank you Ginger! Appreciate it ;)

  3. Hello gorgeous! Everything looks so amazing! Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see on Monday at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday~Lou Lou Girls

    1. thank you kim!! Thanks for the invite ;)

  4. Love it, I want one...no make it two. Thanks for linking up at Project Pin it! It's been been to the Project Pin-it board on Pinterest.


  5. What a cute & clever idea! Will be featuring it next week. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do!

    1. Thank you Cheryl....and for stopping by:)

  6. I adore this idea!!! So creative!

  7. Love this idea....very simple and elegant!


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