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Super Mario Bros Party {Series}: Games

Super Mario Bros Party {Series}: Games
The key to any great {kids} Birthday Party, in my professional opinion; is Games + Events to keep things organized, have planned events, and provide various entertainment stations. At our most recent celebration the theme was Super Mario Brothers for our 7 year old who was turning the Big 8! He has a Summer birthday, and Summers here are H O T! I chose to do it outdoors on a not so hot day on the weather forecast. We had a lot of stimuli and a lot of fun....! Source list at the bottom of post.

 1up Game of Coins!

Super Mario Bros Gold Coins Game
Each kid takes a turn and then the inside of coin determines prize.

iPhone images, you get the idea still;)

Please read along to see the various sources of entertainment we created DIY style ideas:
Super Mario Bro's Party {Series}: Games SWEET HAUTE Diet Coke Soda Geyer Pin now... read later! 
 Diet Coke Soda Geysers
These were actually taken by my camera at a different celebration because at my celebration I only got video footage and not that many pictures. OF COURSE that would happen at my own son's party!! I wanted you to see the full slow motion effect that I captured at my friend's Science Guy party. My son is in these photos but he is much younger....can you spot him?
 These Diet Coke Soda Geysers are the best idea for this age group on a nice day for outdoor parties!!
Super Mario PiƱata Game
Check out our Super Mario DIY Pinata Tutorial post here!
 I made the Pinata myself to avoid the cost of a $50-$60 game that would ultimately get demolished;)
I try and DIY as many items as I can when party planning. You simply use inexpensive materials and put them together to create a unique {to your child} decor/ game that it functional and authentically beautiful.

Pinata time!
We {me and my son} created these goody bags for the Pinata game so that it went with the theme and was functional. We found these bags, at a great price. Then we found the artwork online and printed them, cut and adhered the graphic using that FANTASTIC glue strip tape!!

Super Mario Bros Goody Bags
The also were decor / goody bag holder for other favors / pinata candy catcher!!!

Pin the Mustache on the Mario Game
I could not find a FREE pin the mustache Super Mario game online that was large enough or the type I was looking for. I ended up creating one myself by a large poster board from the dollar store and cutting out the rest of the graphics I found on the internet. The title I did myself on Word.

The one thing I would change that we didn't realize, was that the kids were using their hands to feel and guess where the mustache should be that way. So if I could suggest not letting them feel board while pin, just let them pin and go to next pinner.

Here you can see some of the prizes that kids won, the Wii {candy} Controller which dispenses smarties style candies. We also had the story book mushrooms lining up as we got them done, they did double duty as decor and cupcake holders.

 'Coin Jumping 1up' Game
Each coin either had a special paper inside that corresponded to a prize, or it would be empty. They were hung at different levels and then kids would jump to get.

Kids also bounced on the bouncer Water Slide and played a game of basketball while they were waiting for the BBQ food to finish grilling.

Source List:
 - Mentos 75 cents Dollar Store
 - Diet Coke $1 Dollar Store
Pinata FREE- DIY Tutorial
Pin the Mustache on Mario Game
 -Poster Board $1 Dollar Store
 -Logos FREE printed on color printer.
Red Cupcake Holders 'Mushrooms'- 5 for $1 Dollar Store
Blue Cupcake Holders 'Mushrooms'-  5 for $1 Dollar Store

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