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Acorn Cookies: Thanksgiving Craft {SWEET}

Greetings, hi there blog 'neighbors' it's me, Christina, from the SWEET HAUTE blog and I wanted to share something sweet and fun with you for my post over at While He Was Napping yay....Acorn Cookies! With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning your menu! These Acorn Cookies are perfect and so adorable, they would make amazing party favors for your guests to enjoy with their evening coffee {yum!}. But, if you are not hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year, this edible craft recipe is also great to take to your hostess. Me and the kids had a blast making these cookies, the ingredients are easy to find and most of them I got at an inexpensive price at the dollar store, or dollar bins at Target!

This craft is something you can put together fast and easily with some delicious ingredients. They also keep well when stored in the refrigerator. My kids cannot wait to make the next batch, they are the perfect size for their little hands, and I even include one as a surprise in my son's lunch...only sometimes.

Nutter Butter Cookies
Sandies Fudge Dipped Cookies (optional)
Cookie Frosting
Hershey Kisses
Chocolate Chips

I selected two different flavors, original chocolate and pumpkin spice which happened to be a seasonal item at the time...perfect! I also selected mixed bag of peanutbutter and milk chocolate flavor chips as my chocolate chips acorn tops. I was lucky to find a mixed bag.

Here is what the nutter butter cookies look like up close, you can choose anything similar in size and shape to get the same result. The pictures are pretty much self explanatory on how to assemble each cookie.

Step 1:
Set out each ingredient in an assemble line, or divide each for each child so they don't fuss over who has what supplies. Cookies, hershey kisses, chocolate chips, etc.

Step 2:
Grab a cookie 'top' either the nutter butter cookie or sandies cookie and place a dot of frosting, then adhere the hershey's kiss 'bottom' to all cookies. Set aside to dry and harden.

Step 3:
After dry, grab the pre-assembled bottoms and place a dot of frosting on the top and adhere a chocolate chip shaped 'stem' to the top of acorn, completing the acorn shape. Set on their sides to dry.

Step 4:
Let acorn cookies harden completely before storing them in a container. I also placed ours in the fridge for long term storage. 

Here is what the shortbread Sandies cookies look like up close, if I would have done anything different...I would have selected a frosting that was a different color, such as brown, to act as the glue. The white frosting sort of stands out a little too much for the images, but for the the people eating didn't matter, they didn't even notice or mention it.
Have fun, and enjoy!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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  1. So cute! They really do look like acorns!

    1. Thanks, and they were really fun to make with the children too;)

  2. Thanks, and they were really fun to make with the children too;)

  3. These are really cute! I have been wanting acorn toppers for cupcakes and have been trying to think how to do it. These are perfect! Pinning for later!


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