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Creepy Candyland Cake

Fall is in the air, chilly nights, and cozy outfits are just around the corner. Spending more time indoors can be a drag until you put some spunk back into your days, making even a windy rainy day more bearable. Here is a DIY project I am happy to share with all of you today. I give you our magnificent Halloween Creepy Candyland Cake tutorial! An adorable twist on a haunted house for this Halloween season approaching. This is perfect for kids, yet still fun and appropriate enough for any age demographic. I've also decorated it in an interactive fashion since it was meant to be a centerpiece at a party, the little 'trick or treat or's can be moved about the candy land scene since they are not permanently affixed with frosting.

We had a wonderful time decorating this beautiful rendition of a spooky, yet sweet Victorian House perfectly appointed with yummy details and topped off with amazing architectural design such as the candy shingles and a pop tart dormer. Our family loved to admire it and we took so many pictures of the cake before letting the kids delve into its sumptuous goodness, oh no, right?!?....well they ate a slice of cake at least, then mostly played with the rest.

 Looking at the photos now...I laugh because the cake's design could've been a little more 'clean'...there is extra frosting 'glue' peaking out from underneath the decor, although...I am not a professional cake decorator, nor a pastry chef, and the kids did assist me in this there's always going to be some amateur elements when you combine those two...;)

You can see here all of the creepy crawly gummy worms, the marshmallow cookie 'bushes', candy corn and gum drop landscaping, and the gumball skittle trick or treat or's out and about the haunted house with their costumes on...

The Creepy Candyland Cake is almost the same size as my daughter, look at the scale of this house!
This tutorial is so much fun for children since they literally get to 'play' with their food! My daughter especially had a good time since this is right up her alley in this stage of her childhood. She loves to play with Littlest Petshop and dolls right now...

 Originally, I had planned on making 2 dormers but after wrestling with one {the frosting didn't want to dry and gravity wasn't helping either}...I then decided on a single dormer in the center. Aren't the little trick or treat or's so darling... and I am really loving the pink rock candy columns.
Below you will find a list of the supplies and ingredients you will need to make a similar Creepy Candyland Cake. Many of these items I found at the dollar store and at Walmart.



(2) 9x13 inch Cakes
Cake Pans 9x13 inch
(2) Cake Boards 13x19 inch {Wilton has pack of 6}
Cutting Blade {craft or utility}
Cake Mix
    -or make from scratch
(2-3) Cans of Frosting
Candy Corns
(1) Pop Tart {how many dormers desired}
(8-12) rolls Necco Wafers {each side of roof needs 6 rolls}
Wax Paper/ Parchment Paper

Edible Marker- Black
Gum Drops
Gum Balls -Shimmer Pink
Writing Icing
    -or make from scratch
Assorted candies for decor:
    -Sour Gummy Worms
    -Marshmallow Cookies 
    -Rock Candy

Rock Candy, Marshmallow Cookies, Pop-Up (PopTarts), and Gum Drops. 


Step 1:
Bake 2 cakes 9x13 inch, set aside to cool.
Step 2:
While cake is baking, start building your roof structure and your 'trick or treat or's characters.

I made the witch hat first using the frosting as 'glue' with a Necco Wafer, Skittle, and Candy Corn. Set aside to dry, the drew a face on the gumballs, and glued them to the gumball body...let dry. Combine together with frosting, let dry.

    a.  Measure your 13 x 19 inch cake board and draw (3) sections 6 inches wide, you should have  about 1-2 inches left as excess. Score your lines using your blade and then fold board into a triangle, creating the roof. Use glue to adhere roof together and set aside to dry.

    b.  Next , turn your roof on the side, reach inside with your pencil and trace the inside triangle shape on each side of roof then cut out the shape and fit it in to each edge of roof to seal it shut.

 Work in this order, {shown in photo above}, so parts of the project have a chance to dry before moving onto the next step.
    c.  Then, time to prep roof for decor. Prop the roof on its side that you want the dormer (s) to be on using 2 jars or glasses. As you can see in the picture, I used coco peanut butter jar and Biscoff jar to prop my roof during this phase. Apply a thin layer of frosting to the roof.
    d.  Cut the pop tart, (as shown above) a little off center making one triangle shape slightly larger than the other. Apply frosting to the edges that will need 'glue' for edges meeting roof and edges. As soon as I attached the dormer I immediately started adding the shingle candies to serve as support to keep dormer up while the frosting dried. Adhere Necco Wafer shingles from the bottom edge to top (see photo above). Finish roof and set aside to dry.

Step 3:
Decorate the Creepy Candyland Cake house.
    a.  First, place a sheet of wax paper atop of another cake board and place your cake slices on there. I used the cake board so the cake would easily move around if needed, and not stuck to cardboard. You can use a platter or a cake board with foil, whatever your preference.
    b.  Slice each cake in half, length-wise. Frost and stack each slice with a 'starter' coat of frosting, then cover with a finishing coat of frosting. After roof is dry, affix it to the top of cake.

    c.  Decorate the house and candyland scene. I used marshmallow cookies as windows, bushes, and the door. Then I used candy corn to outline areas and accent parts of the house, also made a pathway with it. Next I used rock candy as the columns and the sprinkled gumballs, gumdrops, and creepy crawly gummy worms around the scene for the adorable haunted house cake.

Some of characters in the Candyland scene do not have hat or faces just to change it up and for the kids that didn't want to eat the gumballs with the edible marker drawn on it.

Ready. Set.

Get creative and find inspiration in the candy aisle at the dollar store, think of ways you can incorporate the candies in stock there. Their supply changes frequently so you may find something new. I purchased almost everything at the dollar store and then the other odds and ends like the cake boards, cake mix, and frosting I had to find at Walmart. Then I found the pink rock candy at Party City as well as the shimmery pink gumballs. Yet, you can find the regular color gumballs at the Dollar Tree.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this Creepy Candyland Cake tutorial, please stop by and visit me at the SWEET HAUTE Blog. If you are not already following me please follow my social media sites and be sure to Subscribe to my blog SWEET HAUTE and subscribe to the related YouTube Channel for SWEET HAUTE. This project was so much fun to create and my children had a blast with the design while making lifetime memories they will dolce vita, the Sweet Life is my inspiration in my home and what we strive for everyday!
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Enjoy! Please visit me;)
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