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DIY Free Halloween Decorations: Milk Jug Ghost

Milk Jug Ghost Tutorial

Free is always good, right?!? This is how to make use of your empty Milk gallon bottles in an awesome way. I really love to find different uses for things around the house for two reasons, because it helps to recycle or repurpose items and because it saves money. Yay for thrifty crafts and DIY projects!!! This craft is almost FREE, unless you add the cost of buying the milk, sharpy marker, and string of Christmas lights. Those things you pretty much already have on hand at the house, so why not re-use them and make this wonderful and spooky {out of the box} decoration that the neighbors probably wont have!!!


Milk Gallon Jugs
Black Marker
String of Christmas Lights

Extention cord
Colored Lights (purple, green, orange)
Flameless Candles

Step 1: Draw a Face on the side of the milk gallon bottle that is not close the the lable area.

Step 2: Cut a small section on bottom side of the milk jug so you can insert the lights.

Step 3: String lights through each milk bottle starting from side that is plugged in closest to the light socket, leave enough slack for it have flexibilty.

So there you have it...an adorable, fun, and affordable option you can get together with the kids and make these milk jug bottle crafts. These look so RAD glowing on your porch and you will get many compliments from neighbors and trick-or-treaters on Halloween Night that will see them from the street!
~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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