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Organize Your Halloween Party: Tips and Ideas {SWEET}

These ideas and tips are AMAZING and will sure to be a hit at your next Halloween Party. It is always a good idea to organize and plan ahead in order to save money, spend less, stress less, and save time! Tip: (it's also a good idea for planning / procuring your kid's or your costumes), usually you can find great discounts, sales, or coupon offers on last year's supply for the little ones or new releases in September.
mini caramel apples
Oh the lovely things: Twig Caramel Apples
These caramel apples were love at first sight, this image was a sock and awe! This brings a fun and exciting twist to a traditional party favorite. These would be great if you can find smaller sized apples so that each person can actually finish this party favorite. I can never finish my candy apples since they are usually so gigantic.

Edible Pumpkin Pinata

This pinata is an original way to bring something unexpected and fun to your get together this Halloween or Thanksgiving. I am drawn to anything that is out of the norm and totally cute for parties at home, bbq's, and class parties at school. It serves as a focal point for your table setting as well as a conversation starter/ ice breaker! Fabulous!

For party favors or treats on Halloween night, fill crepe-paper pumpkin pouches with tiny toys and candy eggs.
These favor pouches are made out crepe paper, you can fill them with sweets and toys appropriate for Thanksgiving, Harvest, or Halloween Parties. This is so versatile for many occasions and budget friendly solution to come up with something attraction and functional as a vehicle for your party favors....awesomeness!!!
Pumpkin Twinkies for Halloween
Pumpkin Twinkies: Dessert First Girl
How fun! DIY Pumpkin flavored can make them yourself using a "Canoe Pan" and them fill with cream flavor of your choice. These also would work well for a brunch or thanksgiving breakfast or dessert treat. Imagine a table setting with these as the after dinner coffee cake, delish!!!!
Tangled-Web Shakes
Tangle Web Milkshakes
Oooooooooooh this looks amazing and sound delicious! Easy to make with the kids too. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whip cream, and the best part (for me) is the salted caramel web as the garnish!!!!
Cute pic
Green jello witches!
Pumpkin & Ricotta Stuffed Shells
Pumpkin and Ricotta stuffed pasta shells.
Pumpkin Pancakes Cream Cheese Sandwiches !
Pumpkin Pancakes Cream Cheese Sandwiches
silver pumpkin decor by camber
Tablescape decor.
Easy to make Autumn #pumpkins #decor
White pumpkin tablescape.
Using lace to decorate your pumpkins is a fabulous way to make your pumpkins a little more fancy!
Stocking Covered Pumpkins

Bling non-carve design
Bling rhinstone decorated pumpkins!
Martha Stewart and her team always get it right! These pumpkins are eye catching and the look wonderful, these would be easy to re-create with your own patterns.
1. Twig Caramel Apples- Oh the lovely things
2. Pumpkin Pinata- Season of Sweets
3. Pumpkin Favor Pouches- Martha Stewart
4. Tangled Web Milkshake- Better Homes and Gardens
5. Green Jello Witches- unknown
6. Pumpkin and Ricotta Stuffed Shells- unknown
7. Pumpkin Pancakes Cream Cheese Sandwiches- Kiwi Magazine
8. Silver Pumpkin Decor- Indulgy
9. White Pumpkin Tablescape- Stagetecture
10. Stocking Covered Pumpkin Decor- Martha Stewart
11. Bling Rhinstones Decorated Pumpkins- Martha Stewart

All of these ideas are fast and easy things that we can actually do ourselves to create a festive Halloween Party, or Thanksgiving even for the ones with pumpkins. Each of these ideas are so great and I cannot wait to try them all!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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