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DIY Free Halloween Decorations: Tree Ghosts Craft

DIY Free Halloween Decorations: Tree Ghosts Craft

Want a quick craft to entertain and spend quality time with the kids? This craft project is going to create 'Flying Ghosts' hanging from your trees, so cute! DIY Free Halloween Decor Flying Ghosts Tree This simple, inexpensive, and fun way to prep your house for the trick-or-treators on Halloween Night! This DIY craft is great because it incorporates things you most likely already have at home, saving you time and money...yay!! If you don't already have everything, hit up the dollar store....that's where I got my cotton balls because I didn't have enough already at the house.


White Trash Bags
Black Marker
Cotton Balls

Step 1:

Cut trash bags by cutting of any edge you don't want, then folding them over to cut multiple at a time. I cut mine into 10x10 ish squares and I made about 8 ghosts from each bag from the size I used and we made about 16 total ghosts.

Step 2:

Place 3-5 cotton balls in the middle of each plastic square and grab and twist to create the head shape.

Step 3:

Tie a piece a string underneath head and then tape the extra string and main string to stabilize ghost when hanging. This will help the ghost to fly upright instead of upside down or sideways. Make sure to tie ghost off of your spool of string, tie, then cut the desired length. I needed about 12 inches so our ghosts would show underneath tree leaves.

Step 4:

Draw a spooky or friendly face on the front of ghost head, opposite side of head from the string taped side.

Step 5:

Go out side and decorate your trees!!!


~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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