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Coronavirus Quarantine + Prevention Tips

Coronavirus Quarantine + Prevention Tips
Here are some DIY Coronavirus Quarantine + Prevention Tips in order to help make life easier and support you during this pandemic. If work hours are getting sparse, kids at home from school and you need some inspiration during this extremely difficult time....keep reading.
Several of you know that my husband is a Harvard trained Physician and his field of expertise happens to be in Public Health + safety. He's actually serving on an important CONVID19 Task Force as I type and let me assure you, there are people working in shifts 24/7 to help keep the USA and the military safe. We have both served in the Active Duty Military, deployed to war; so we know a little something about life an how to help endure our current circumstance.
Please if you have any questions, please comment below.

Water- consider boiling tap water instead of buying bottled water. The body can go weeks without food but one can only survive a few days without any water. Maybe get some electrolyte drinks too.
Toilet Paper- You don't 'need' toilet paper, you can use soap and water....jump in shower if necessary.
Vinegar- can help disinfect surfaces if you already had vinegar on hand.
Hand Sanitizer- You don't 'need' it, simply take it back 'old school' wash hands with soap + water. {What did people do before hand sanitizer?...and toilet paper}
Vitamin C- it helps reverse Covid19 and prevent contracting virus, Vitamin C should be part of your 'must have' Supplies
Food- immune boosting/supporting foods only. Vitamins + nutrients.
Masks- Do not buy or wear masks unless you are already a confirmed case. PLEASE leave masks for health care industry.
Acetaminophen - take Tylenol acetaminophen instead of Ibuprofen; Ibuprofen has shown to exacerbate symptoms.  
Garden- start an organic veggie/fruit garden, it's Spring! 

Physician Treating Sepsis Patients with Vitamin C, complications found with COVID19 

ICU Nurses accounts on Vitamin C Therapy and Sepsis Patients, complications found with  Coronavirus

Immune Boosting Foods:
Vitamin C, Citrus Fruit, Potatoes; it's been shown in the US and China that Vitamin C therapy has help health patients who were close to death. It also helps prevent you from contracting the virus.
Freeze Perishables- if you do find vegetables and fruits consider freezing and save a storage of these items. Do NOT let perishables go to waste!
Canned Goods- proteins, vegetables, and fruits.
Sweet Potatoes- very high in Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Green Tea
Apple Cider Vinegar

Get exercise inside your home or outside away from others. Coronavirus can affect those with poor cardio/lung health and underlying conditions.
Vitamin D is free outside in the sun, yet still use SUNSCREEN for skin to prevent free radicals.
Ride Bikes
Skateboard, learn to skate
DANCE, learn to dance
Gardening/Yard work, plant fruit trees
Walk, walk your dog.

Outside image from DIY Pettiskirt Tutorial Pattern

Shower- Wash the day off, everyday.
Wash Hands- Help keep germs away by washing hands. When you come home from grocery run, wash hands. Remember you don't 'need hand sanitizer' just wash hands for at least 20+ seconds. I always read it's 2 minutes but at least wash for 20 seconds.
Don't touch- don't touch your face, eyes, nose + mouth. If you do, wash your hands again...
Distance- Keep away from people, 6 feet.
Wash Sheets + towels
'Spring Clean'
Disinfect surfaces, door knobs, frequently used handles of kitchen appliances.
Wash hands, when you get home!
Wear gloves when you go shop, take off (turn inside out) before you get back in car. Or touch your house door if walking to store.
Clean off delivery BOXES by spraying or wiping down with disinfectant. To be extra safe, do not open Amazon /Ebay packages + boxes; especially from 'China', 'Italy, and 'Spain' for 14 days. Spray items inside of packages once you open them.

Keep Busy:
Get those 'To do' lists knocked out.
Send CARE PACKAGES to those in need + friends who may be lonely.
Spring Cleaning
Listen to Music that you love.
School Work Curriculum 
Sing, Play instrument.
Movie Nights
Pre-make Meals {freeze}
Donate to Good Will + Salvation Army
Organize + Re-organize
Take a digital class on Udemy - learn new skill.
DIY Projects
Do a Puzzle
Take a calming Bubble Bath
Teach family Traditions


Make Money from Home:
Blog- START a Blog.
List un-needed items on Poshmark, Ebay, FB, and Offer Up.
Buy/Invest in Stock- when the market goes back up you'll make $$.
YouTube- START your YouTube Channel you've been putting off.
Etsy- if you have a craft skill, you can make items and sell them on Etsy.
Amazon- you can sell on Amazon.
PodCast- START a Podcast, now's your chance if you're out of work!!
Uber eats driver.
Door Dash/ Postmates

Try and remain positive and keep hope in your heart + mind. Happy + healthy can potentially be obtained if you keep an optimistic outlook.
Pray if you Pray
Listen to Music
Talk with Friends, about good news.
Read inspirational literature.
Look for solutions, don't focus on the negatives too much.
Set a goal and then make it happen.

Inspiration from famous people online!

Shining some rays of hope your way...
Thank you for visiting....hang in there!
Please leave a comment below.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute 

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