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Pettiskirt Tutorial + FREE Pattern

These skirts are so popular and trendy. You can get this look for less too for your little girl instead of paying department store prices. This simple tutorial is how to make a sumptuous, soft, full, and bouncy pettiskirt. Below you will find the supply list and the pattern measurements.
FREE Pattern is below in 'instruction' format, using a paper print out with this fabric is unnecessary and makes it more difficult than it is. Good for you, no paper pattern needed, just measuring tape!

Six (6) yards of nylon chiffon, non-fray.
    -Amount is approximate.
1/2 inch wide elastic
    -measure circumference of child's waist to purchase the correct length.
1 yard of Satin
   -or other fabric of your choice for waist band area
Thread, coordinating color.
Ribbon, double faced coordinating color.
Ruffle Foot attachment
   -that fits your sewing machine
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine

Cutting, keep what you cut organized!

-WAISTBAND, Section 1: 5x20" Cut your fabric (satin, etc.) into 2 rectangular sections. These will be about 5 inches in length and 20 inches width.

-SKIRT A, Section 2: 5x120" Cut your nylon Chiffon into a section that is 5 inches in length and 120 inches in width.

-SKIRT A, Section 3: 5x120" Repeat step above.

-SKIRT B, Section 4: 5x340" Cut your nylon Chiffon into a section that is 5 inches in length and 340 inches in width.

-SKIRT B, Section 5: Repeat step above.

-RUFFLES, Section 6: 2x54" Cut the rest of your nylon Chiffon into sections that are 2 inches in length and 54 inches in width. You need to cut 2 sections of nylon Chiffon for ruffles.

Make two 'skirts'. Then sew the two skirt layers together. Add to satin top waist portion to the 2 layer skirt bottom.

Adjust elastic to fit your child. Add some ribbon to the ends of the elastic and tie

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  1. This skirt is so cute!! A professional work of art!

    1. THANK YOU so much!!! Isn't is gorgeous....

  2. Pinned to make! Love it!

    1. It is so adorable and love with this look:)


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