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Secret Passage Ways to Room

DIY Secret Passage Ways to a Room. I have GOT TO try this project. I found some ways to really do this in my own home. Check out this door system that I found, this is sooooooo fabulous and great and I am looking forward to trying this project!!!
Book shelf door.

Secret passage way to movie room
Book shelf double doors secret room!

This would be fun for the kids to use, and might also be a selling point if ever you need to sell your home. What a unique feature to have in any home!!! I remember when I was growing up, my family had bought a home that had 2 semi-secret rooms. One was inside the linen closet, through a door that reached into the walk in attic and one was inside the upstairs bedroom closet into another mini tiny room that was carpeted. But we had fun playing in both of those areas.....for hours upon hours! Many happy childhood memories. I would love to re-create that for my own children.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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