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Send a Creative Care Package! {SWEET}

If you know me then you know that I LOVE to send people real mail, letters, and packages. It is so exciting to send and receive 'good' mail from loved ones!!
While my husband was away on temporary duty TDY, I sent him a fun, thoughtful, and practical care package from me and the kids. It was full of bright and happy things that would sure to make him feel loved and missed. All of the items do not have to be expensive and a lot of the things I found in the dollar bins at Target or at my local Dollar Tree. Be sure to pick up a FREE Priority Shipping box at the US Post Office and no matter how HEAVY in weight it is, it ships for the same flat rate!!! Wonderful right?!? I love wonderful....
There are many theme ideas for care packages that can be used for any occasion. Popular ones are for Birthdays, Get Well, Deployment, Valentines, Holidays, and College Survival. Since mine was a "Miss You" care package I picked a color theme, this time I used yellow and it came together beautifully. It's a warm and cheery color that would definitely bring a smile to his face. I also love to surprise people and give people unexpected little gifts because it's so fun, for me, because I love the anticipation of giving it and making people laugh and smile. Unfortunately, one of the kids told him, over face-time, that we sent him a box and it should be there by Thursday.......hahahahah great, thanks for giving Daddy a heads up! It's ok, my husband still had no idea what would be inside, yes!

Here is what I included in my care package:
Greeting Card
Hot Chocolate
Sugar Babies
Milk Duds
Salt Water Taffy
Lemon Heads
Sour Gummies
Sunflower Seeds (spicy)
Chips (spicy)
Drink Mixes
Hello Panda Cookies (try them)
Kettle Corn

I wrapped all the similar things together in cello bags and wrapped non-yellow things in yellow 'gift wrap.' I was sure the add stuffing in the bottom and in all the nooks and crannies so the items wouldn't shift and smash. A list of the different things and sources are below.

Dollar Tree:
Cello Bags
Yellow Plastic Table Cloth
Packing Tape
Yellow Paper Basket Shred
Yellow Bows/Ribbons

Kettle Corn
Sunflower Seeds
Drink Mixes
Panda Cookies
Greeting Card

Already had Taffy from local candy shop, coffee, and hot chocolate. If you send a regular care package you should include special items that the person cannot buy easily themselves. If you send a DEPLOYMENT care package, then those are completely different....for those type of packages need the bare necessities as well as include special items that are thoughtful and caring. So send a care package today, have a good time with it! Tell me, have you sent a care package to a loved one? If so, what type of package was it? Comment below and let me know what you think!!!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute
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