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How to Organize a Pantry

How to Organize a Pantry

Ideas on how to Organize and Create a great Pantry!
Having a pantry big or small is a wonderful feature to have in a home. Even if your space is small you can turn a cabinet into the designated pantry area to keep your space organized. Having kitchen staples organized saves me time and energy when I'm cooking dinner or baking up some treats with my children. I'm going to share some DIY tips and ideas that have worked for me with you so you can make and keep your Pantry Organized.

We have a large Pantry next to our kitchen and breakfast room and as you can imagine, it accumulates containers, food, holiday can get cluttered if we do not regularly keep it orderly and tidy in there, especially after a trip to the bulk food stores.
The key is to 'Live with Less' stuff!
 Ideas on how to organize your pantry quickly!
{and on a budget}
Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet Series
Label  |  De-Clutter  |  Live with Less Stuff:)

Manage and Maintain your Pantry:

1. Empty out completely.

2. Deep Clean

3. Maintenance
-shelf liners
-cosmetic touch ups

4. Add storage/ hooks as needed.
-prevents tripping on things crowding floor / walk ways
-add shelving, get items off floor space

5. Label
-label designated areas for the particular item it houses
-label shelf areas for purpose / type / kids
-replace foods / ingredients in that area every time, encourage children to get into that habit
-promotes healthy routine

6. Memo Board
-add a memo board to keep track of shopping list.
-DIY Magnetic Board Tutorial from cookie sheet here.

7. Necessary items only Pantry 'Zone'
-only keep necessary 'Pantry' items in this space
-large appliances
-holiday / entertaining serving ware
-designated bins and baskets
-toss, or donate. 

8. Include Maintaining your Pantry in monthly cleaning routine.
-keep a 'To Do' check list on hand
-clean / sweep weekly
-return non-designated pantry items to correct room of house.
-only purchase what you actually use and need.
-throw out expired food, donate
 Read more about how we Organized our Pantry.
Remember: 3 Steps
Remove  |  Sort  |  Live with Less
Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet Series

Ok. You are ready to conquer your Pantry and make it into a dream pantry!
Please leave a comment below and thank you for visiting...

Have an amazing day full of pantry bliss:)

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute 

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