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Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes Tutorial

Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes Tutorial

How to make DIY Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes Tutorial!
Perfect way to use the candy your little ones accumulated in their Easter Baskets, make these for a picnic, sports day, Spring birthdays, and for Mother's Day. Birds nest go with so many Spring themes and these cupcakes are a great idea for any event. 

Beautiful and easy Spring DIY party idea that you can make and use your extra egg cartons to re-purpose as decor, and also to carry them:) I love when decor can serve a functional purpose. For these Bird Nest Cupcakes I use the mini-sized cupcake paper, then a Tablespoon of cake batter when baking them. That way the cupcakes fit perfectly in the egg carton!
I also baked up some standard size cupcakes for these traditional treats.

Use whatever color you desire for cake and for the frosting and then decorate with chocolate shavings and malted mini chocolate eggs to make the adorable bird nest design:)

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Mini-size Bird Nest cupcakes


   - canned or homemade
Box of Cake Mix
    - oil/eggs/water per mix instructions
Egg Carton
    - functional / decorative 

Bake. Decorate!

Step 1:

Bake up cupcakes in 'mini-paper' cups.

Step 2:

While they are baking, put chocolate in freezer for a few minutes then grate 1/2 cup chocolate shavings. 

Step 3:

If using a canned frosting simple 'whip' it up and get air into it then place into a plastic piping bag {ziplock bag}...snip hole in it...

Tip: Place cupcakes into carton prior to decorating for best results.

Step 4:

COOL cupcake entirely and then dollop frosting on the top into a peak shape.
-make sure cupcakes are completely COOL!

Step 5:

Sprinkle chocolate shavings and decorate with the malted eggs.
....soooooo sweet!

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  1. I can't believe you have not attracted more comments on these delicious easy to make cupcakes...I don't bake much, but I garuentee I will be making these..thank you

    1. I just posted it, so it takes a minute LOL

  2. Awwww! So cute! It's such a waste to eat it. haha. :D

    1. that's how I feel about most of the treats we make :)

  3. These look really good and so pretty too. I am pinning for next year. Thanks for passing it along.

    1. Thank you and thanks for visiting:)

  4. these are so cute and perfect for easter- too bad it's over but these are still good for mothers day ! !

    1. Thanks bird nests are so versatile, especially in Spring....that's why I made these because my children had so many treats from Easter, I wanted to create something with them:)


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