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Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Perfect centerpiece for this Easter holiday season!! Here is an easy and super adorable way to make DIY Easter Bunny Mason Jars decor! Looking for a last minute idea to decorate for Easter? This DIY project is beautiful, fast, easy, and inexpensive. Get your extra glass jars and gorgeous mason jars out and gather up some Easter goodies to get started. I had many of my supplies already on hand so you might too, also this is a great project to make during Spring Break with the kids and fam.

This Easter Bunny Mason Jar DIY Decor is a excellent way to decorate your dinner table, mantle, and open shelving in the house during Spring. This project can be done using edible chocolates or using small rabbit figurines and trinkets.
...cute Easter Bunny elegance!

   -ceramic/ marble eggs
   -jelly beans eggs
Cupcake Papers
Step 1:

Add grass and eggs/ jelly beans first. Edible grass is fun too yet may get sticky.

Step 2:

Place your Chocolate Rabbit.

Step 3:

Choose where you want to place them, move them there....then close jars.

Step 4:

Decorate tops of the jars with cupcake papers and ribbon:)

Get creative and have fun with some bunny this Easter:) 
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