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Coastal Bird Nest Glass Dome Spring Decor

Bird Nest Glass Dome Decor

This decor project is beautiful way to bring the outside 'in' throughout the entire seasonal year. Spring is here and so is this Coastal Bird Nest Glass Dome Decor. This Bird Nest project is great for spring but will not clash with your decorations you may put out during the holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Christmas. Bird nests are a neutral decor that works well with any color palette or theme in a home.

Bird Nest DIY Decor just in time for spring!
I found all of my supplies at Michaels and TJ Maxx. You may be able to find similar (or exact) items at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart craft section, Ross, Marshalls, or Home Goods.


3 Glass Cake Domes

Step 1: 

Gather your shells. Store bought or hand collected at your favorite beach.

Step 2: 

Curl the garland into a nest shape. Bend wire as much as possible into a small circular shape then when you let go, it should look like the image above.

Step 3:

Insert your garland nest into the glass cake dome and sprinkle a few shells. Maybe even a starfish.

Step 4:

Remove tag from bird. You may also want to remove anything else it might have on it, but I left mine and chose to 'conceal' the metal loop and twine in case I wanted to use it later for something else.

I simply plucked a leaf off the garland and tried to cover loop, mission accomplished?! You totally can't see the metal loop....right?!

Step 5:

Add bird into the amazing coastal nest retreat. Replace glass dome over top of it and enjoy!

 To give my nests a beach house twist, I added some sea shells and a starfish. Our home has a coastal chic style interior design, yet still sweet and FUN.

Look how cute they look, the bird is peaking through the glass...awwww!

I don't actually have them displayed here on this cart, I just had them there for the natural light, it was a rainy dark day when I took the images so I couldn't take a great quality image where they really are, which is on my kitchen island.

 Our kitchen island oasis, complete with lotion tray and pony tail holders, but of course!

 As you can tell, I really am excited for Spring to arrive....and this is a away to get the ball rolling on your spring cleaning and projects. Especially me when I'm gazing at these cutie pies while I'm doing dishes or prepping meals on our kitchen island.
 Have you done a similar project using glass cake domes? What did you make and DIY with them? Let me know in the comments and also comment if you have questions. Please subscribe by email so you'll never miss a post here at SWEET HAUTE.

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  1. So pretty and easy! They look elegant and perfect for Spring. Definitely going to pin! Happy Friday.

  2. love these! so pretty for spring. If you have a chance, please link up to

  3. What a beautiful way to display Spring…if you would like to share it at One More Time Events….would love to have you .


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