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Cabana Stripes Tutorial

DIY Cabana Stripes Paint Tutorial 
Cabana Style Stripes YES!
This is a fun tutorial about how to paint cabana stripes on walls to give your that space a unique custom treatment and provide a nice 'wow' effect. I really love how inviting this paint treatment makes this space feel now. I did these cabana stripes in my Cleaning Closet and it definitely makes cleaning much more enjoyable instead of it being such a chore. The stripes remind me of pink sweet cotton candy and salt water taffy at the board walk during the summer time in my childhood (and single adult) memories....oh, those were the days! Adding this paint effect has brightened the space up and {as my daughter says...} 'it's beauuuutiful....!!!', that's what she says every time she walks by when the door is opening while we're cleaning our home.
My new cute and sweet closet!

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Here's our before and after shot of our cleaning closet paint re-do.

Pink 'Flat' Wall Color- 'Sweet Taffy' Benjamin Moore Paint
White Cream 'Flat' Wall Color- (already on wall)
Translucent Iridescent Glaze- 'Pearl 90627' Valspar Signature Colors
Small Paint Roller
Small Paint Brush
Painters Tape
Drop Cloth
Clean Wipes

 Here is the paint color swatch that I used, it is called 'Sweet Taffy' by Benjamin Moore.

Translucent Iridescent Glaze, Pearl 90627

Step 1:
Begin by taping off your striped areas. I did my cabana stripes 6 inches away from each other, starting from the edge of the subsequent piece of tape.

 Once the blue painter's tape is removed, the space it leaves behind will act as an additional 'line.' That empty wall space will give this painting technique an extra detail by outlining the pink paint and the iridescent glaze with the white flat paint color.

Step 2:
Paint the tape with the opposing stripe's color or the underneath wall color (or similar color) my case I used the glaze color because it was close enough to the white wall color. It suits the purpose of 'painting the tape' which will help you achieve straight, crisp, clean stripe lines! It may seem like a hassle, but it is worth it in the end result.

Shown here is the 'paint the tape' step in the process, I painted the edges on the side of the tape that was going to be pink wall color and the white wall color. If you're doing a similar cabana stripe to my project, just paint both sides of the tape to seal the tape to wall so no paint seeps under it while painting your main color.

Step 3:
Paint your main colors! I did 1 coat but in a larger space I might have done 2 coats to ensure the glaze was consistent throughout the entire space. It is easy to miss area when painting glaze due to its shiny iridescent quality.

 Be sure to paint all the way over the edges of the painter's tape. I wish the lighting was better but I was working with a closet space that didn't have a whole lot of light. As you can see I tried to use a shadeless lamp but it made the images come out yellow, so I only used it for additional lighting while rolling out the paint.

I hope you enjoyed this project and learned something from this tutorial. If you have any questions please comment below. Have you done a similar project or paint design, let me know I would love to check it out. What are some of your favorite paint techniques that you've done, please comment below. Enjoy!

 Done! Doesn't it look so cotton candy sweet?!!!!! I just love how it turned out, it make everyone happy when they walk by it and the door is open to let you peak in....:)

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