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Military Patriotic Porch Decor

Here is a project that can be knocked out in a day, or weekend. Prepping your front porch for the spring, summer, and particularly in the post; Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and Military Appreciation Home Comings Hails and Farewells!

Murphy Oil Soap- Target $8
American Flag kit (embroidered, not cheap version)- Sam's Club/ also at Michael's $39- $50
    -silver ball top pole and holder included 
Stars and Stripes Bunting Banners- Walmart/ Ebay/ Michael's $8- $15 ea
Zip Ties- Lowe's/ Walmart
Blue Flower Baskets- Lowe's $9
Basket Chains/Hooks- Walmart/ Lowe's
Rocking Chairs- Cracker Barrel $45? already had
Pink Petunias- Walmart $3

My trusty soldiers and I broke out the Murphy oil soap, a bucket, water, and elbow grease and got to work ridding the front porch of what winter left behind. It was a spring cleaning/ {slash} summer outdoor decor and prep for our annual Patriotic Porch. I really need a power washer or an attachment for the hose but I digress ...sigh

 Oh my...those rocking chairs get so dirty and the grime is so difficult to get off. I researched how to clean these and preventative measures because this was ridiculous! How can they get so dirty, they were brand new and a year later they were weather worn, dirty, and in need of some love and care!
Yes....I realize...I need a power washer yet that alone will not replace the much needed white paint.
Our poor rocking chairs!!

 Our babies working HARD getting that grime off, it literally took FOREVER...a long time.
The grime was never ending, and just when you thought you got it all....oh my gosh there was a spot missed. It came of but we had to use a 'firm' hand because it was stuck on pretty good.

 I usually wipe the chairs off after it rains and it comes off easily but this was much more difficult. Next time we'll do it after it rains...just like when weeding your flower beds, better to do after a good rainy day.

After the rocking chairs are clean and ready to go, add you American Flag kit, Stars and Stripes Buntings, and hang some flower baskets. Even add some colorful flowers to the porch steps leading up to the front door.

Hanging Decor:
Bunting Banners-
Too hang the bunting, I just used zip ties and attached them to the spindles. 

Flower Baskets-
Hooks were secured into top of porch and then used the plant chains to suspend.

Our first born...I mean dog seems right at home, he's silly I honestly didn't tell him to be there he just follows me everywhere and always ends up in at least one of the pictures....so cute!

We appreciate our U.S. Military Armed Forces and I think our porch represents that!
Do you decorate your porch in a patriotic way for 4th Fourth of July or similar holiday? Please leave me a comment or let me know if you have any questions by commenting or emailing me.


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