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How to Organize a Mudroom

How to Organize your Mudroom / Drop Zone!

We all have one in our homes, big or small...we have an area of the house where we collect our jackets, keys, bags, shoes, umbrellas and it is usually next to an entrance. For that reason it is extremely important to keep that area clean and organized for safety and sanity reasons: How to Organize a Mudroom. No one wants to trip over bags and shoes coming in and out of the home, and nobody wants to see a mess of chaos first thing when they walk into their home every night.

We want to have a gorgeous view of serenity when we walk in after a long day and if your Mudroom / Drop Zone is the first thing you lay your eye on when you come home I'm going to share some DIY tips and ideas with you so you can keep your Mudroom Organized.

We have a Mudroom next to our back entrance and as you can imagine, it accumulates many jackets, bags, books, and can get crowded if we do not regularly keep it orderly and tidy up in there.
The key is to 'Live with Less' stuff!

In the image below you can see a few peaks at our Mudroom; it has a key organizing shelf, built-in desk, and hooks over bench seating...
 Found this baby at Target:) Key Organizing Station
You'll always have an idea where you left your keys and glasses!
 Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet Series
Label  |  De-Clutter  |  Live with Less Stuff:)

Manage and Maintain your Mudroom:

1. Empty it out completely.

2. Clean it.

3. Maintenance
-cosmetic touch ups

4. Add storage/ hooks as needed.
-prevents tripping on things on floor / walk ways
-wall organizer
-shelving get items off floor space

5. Label
-label designated areas for the particular item it houses
-replace items in that area every time, encourage children to get into that habit
-promotes healthy routine

6. Trash Receptical
-if your space is big enough, include a trash container so things aren't being left instead of tossed

7. Necessary items only 'Zone'
-only keep necessary 'mudroom' items in this space
-1 seasonal jacket / shoes per person
-1 bag/ backpack per student
-store the rest, toss, or donate. 

8. Include Maintaining your Mudroom / Drop Zone in weekly cleaning routine.
-keep a 'To Do' check list on hand
-clean / sweep weekly
-return non-designated room items to correct room of house.
-throw out trash

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Remember: 3 Steps
Remove  |  Sort  |  Live with Less
Home Organization 31 Day Detox Diet Series

Ok. You are ready to conquer your Mudroom / Drop Zone!
Please leave a comment below and thank you for visiting...

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY full of organizing:)

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute 

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