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Pantry Organization- Fit and Happy

Pantry Organization- Fit and Happy

 Welcome to the SWEET HAUTE Pantry Organization DIY Makeover- Fit and Happy!
Everyone, {well maybe every woman} dreams of...their dream home. Within that dream home they have dreams of what it will look like, feel like, and they strive to one day reach those dreams. We have been blessed to have purchased our home and we try and tailor it into a custom look in order to bring a smile to our faces and bring a sense of calm and happiness to our hearts whenever we see it and come home to it. Today, I am sharing a sweet, happy, and fun space that involved {not so fun manual labor}....
I had to get the troops formed up but I STILL had aching feet afterward, though the night before I had been up late working on a different project for an event we were attending which may have contributed to that pain and....being tired in general.

I have been wanting to finally :: re-do :: our pantry organization project for some time now, and I wanted lots of cute DIY projects within it....yet it took a long time to pull together since I needed to curate all the elements for it, which costs money/time, and I kept holding off until I could afford a label maker, or one of those Silhouette Portrait Cameo electronic/digital cutting machines
 but I couldn't bring myself to buy one yet. I'm still saving up for it...
So I decided to complete the project WITHOUT those label making extras with projects that anyone can do, at any budget. All you need is a few helping hands, some baskets, time, and some effort.
Source list is at the end of this post.

I give you the SWEET HAUTE Pantry makeover reveal...

Welcome to the SWEET HAUTE Pantry!

In this image you can see the lower shelves better, but you cannot see top.
We wanted to make our pantry more organized, streamlined, and geared toward fitness and leading a healthy we do. I wanted it to be convenient for us to reach our protein and nutritional ingredients. I wanted our un-healthy food to be either donated, thrown out, or in an inconvenient space in our pantry so we were less likely to reach for them.

 AFTER side by side comparison!!!

In this image you can see all the way to the top which has the large basket totes.

Below you will see the 'Before' shot of the chaos that was our pantry. The kids of course had to be in it...and get the bunny, and the hat, and wait mom...the glow stick!!! Love them...
The SWEET HAUTE Pantry Makeover- Fit and Happy!

Next you'll see some more detail, click to enlarge...our baby always destroys the pantry if she catches the door and manages to get in, today she had full access as we emptied it out....whew....a lot of work!

Then gather up your troops and put them to work loading grocery bags and taking everything out of the pantry. They carried most of the light stuff while I loaded and carried the heavier items.
It actually doesn't look like that many items once everything was out, the image to the left, but you can see the bags are stuffed to the brim and there are also paper bags on each chair as well.  The image to the right is what I bought to help organize.
I found these baskets at a couple different places, source list is at the end of this post. I took my time buying some of the larger baskets because they were expensive, yet more affordable than the pottery barn baskets or Restoration Hardware....
I got of variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Only the pink/ brown are shown here. This is another 'progress' or 'during' the project shot. The kids wanted to be in it again, and the bunny of baby looks so confused as to what is happening today;)

Before I started to organize I cleaned off all the shelves. Look what all the boxes and cans had done to the white paint. I love the look of our pantry with the bead-board and the molding, the top of the shelving even has crown molding. Then I cut some liners {which I already had extra rolls of} and used a combination of white liner and aqua chevron liner for the eye level shelves, then for the higher shelves I dusted and wiped down so that items would easily slide off/on shelf. Sometimes when you use the ticker liner on higher shelves it buckles and moves when getting items on and off.

Even though I do not love the aqua chevron shelf liner, the only reason why I used it was because I already had it from a previous project. For those of you that haven't seen that post, the link is below.........check it out. 


I now CANNOT stand chevron print on anything, it actually gives me a migraine headache, nausea?!? At the time this was originally posted, chevron was on trend.

After I was finished lining the shelves and protecting our investment....I experimented with the baskets and bins to see what would fit where and with what items.
This was my planning phase because I wanted it to look beautiful every time I open those pantry doors, yet I needed it to be functional. The large glass jars with lid ended up in the large basket tray with oatmeal, tea, grits, inside each.

As you can see, I moved things around quite a bit since I had to keep the kids in mind and the fact that I wanted the pantry to look as symmetrical as possible. I knew it wouldn't be perfectly symmetrical yet I wanted to get it close enough to have that effect. You can also see the Glass Jars here which I already had from the oriental store, when we buy Kim Chi {Korean fermented pickled veggies} it comes in those large glass jars....I had to re-purpose those, they are the perfect size!!

Finally, I went through all the food and sorted, tossed out, and got rid of {almost} all of our junk food. Then un-healthy food I did keep I put on the highest shelves so that they were not eye level. Out of sight out of mind idea. We had a lot of extra food because we have a family member that works in a grocery store and always brings us a combination of a TON of un-healthy and healthy food that goes on sale or clearance. Giant sizes, cases, whole sale sizes of stuff....I needed to get rid of most of the candy and junk so we can have a fit and happy pantry!

See the Quinoa, flax seed, chia seeds, and coconut milk...
Dry foods shelf. Health foods shelf. Canned goods shelf.
and...Liquid Aminos {soy sauce alternative}

Cereal and plastic containers shelf. All these items were placed here so that the kids can reach, and yet in case the baby reaches up...she will only access plastic containers. Almond butter included...
Water. Italian Soda. Drinks.

Here you can see the soup cans that I re-purposed into our straw holders. You re-use a tin can into something functional and beautifully shabby chic!

See the top shelf has the Shrimp Chips and the oriental store jelly treats.

 These are the basket totes that are on the top shelf. I made it for entertaining party supplies, baking, and holiday theme supplies. Sweet Haute dotted " i's " of course...

Then the bottom shelf has a smaller circular basket tote labeled 'drinks' so that it can be used for any type of beverage but out of sight of baby so she cannot drop any on herself or the wood.
 DIY Magnetic Board- Tutorial
I made a cute DIY pin board for the pantry to hang up my shopping list and pens, check out the post here!

This is more of a 'progress' shot because I ended up taking the giant protein containers and moved them because it was so cluttered, in the image at the end you can see they are no longer there.

This shelf is low enough for the kids to reach but I sectioned it off with 5 small metal buckets because before it was just a pile after the kids would rummage through it...not pretty.

Fruit cups, popcorn, and metal buckets are perfect to divide the healthy snacks for the kids.
I used two different trays as well so that I would have a little more shelf room for kids to reach.

This image shows the left side shelves book plate tags that I used to organize this pantry space.
I chose fitness, protein, and kids. I didn't label the entire pantry, every single basket, and I didn't too specific because I didn't want to be locked in and I want to keep this space flexible and versatile. Even since I took these photos I have added and added an additional basket.

On the right side of the pantry we have items we do not use very often because that side isn't as easy to maneuver in, as you can see the baby's bottom fit in that section perfectly...
As usual she is already into her basket that she sees some baby food cute!

Here's a side by side image when you can 'see' the whole picture of what it looks like when you actually see it in person. I don't have a panoramic shot, but this does the trick.


Here is where I got most of my baskets and trays.

Source List: 

(you can find similar items in links provided)
Large Basket Totes- Target $25-39 ea
Pink Baskets- Dollar Tree $1 ea
Aqua Basket- Dollar Tree $1 ea
Large Wicker Tray- Walmart $12
Yellow Tray- Joss and Main
Large Sea Grass Wicker Basket- Free, already had Walmart
Hang Tags- Ballard Designs
Chalkboard Tags
Small Metal Buckets- Dollar Tree $1 ea
Glass Jars- Free, already had
White Shelf Liner- Free, already had
Straw Holder- Free, already had
Clear Plastic boxes- Free, already had Walmart $1

 Pantry Re-do Video Tour

Please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by!!! Hoped you found some inspiration in this pantry to organize and revamp your pantry now......and if you have questions please let me know. Thanks for visiting.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute


  1. Awesome job! I love the way everything turned out!

    1. thank you , we are enjoying our personal market!!!

  2. Thank you for this! Inspiring and motivating! I love that you shared where you found all your baskets--and that they are from "real world" shops where people living on budget can afford. Bravo!

    1. right?!? Thank you so much Kelly....!

  3. I would love to have a pantry this size! The chevron liner is perfect :)

    1. It is one of my favorite parts of the house:) #blessedandthankful LOL I have so much chevron liner left over from another project hehehe:)

  4. Such a clean, colorful, and organized pantry! Well done!

  5. I totally needed this post! Pinned. We love having you be a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm.
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. luv luv luv organizing Iheart it Kimberly

  6. Your pantry is awesome!! I wish I had a big pantry like yours that needs to be organized. I'm stuck with a very small, awkward sized half closet turned pantry. I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party at IT'S A ginger SNAP.

    1. Thank you, I'm going to be re-doing another pantry in our rental with some more fun organizing solutions soon!

  7. Eek! I love this! I'm dying to organize our pantry. Our protein canisters are so big and bulky that I have to keep it in a cabinet...and it fills up the whole freakin' thing! I might have to get some nicer, deeper shelving like yours. Thanks for sharing! Pinning now!

    1. our fitness supplements are a huge Lauren thank you for visiting

  8. Hi

    Love your pantry makeover,so beautifully done.Can you please lrt me know how did you get your chalk board labels done.

    1. hi, they already came on the baskets but you can use the removable, reusable ones are even DIY make them:) hope that helps

  9. What a great work! Love your pantry and want one for myself! :)

  10. Wow this is jaw dropping beautiful! Great job! Very inspiring! I so wish I had a pantry! But some day I will and hopefully I will be able to make it look at least half this pretty!


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