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Cucumber Detox Water

 Cucumber Detox Water 
How to make a Cucumber Detox Water at home in your own kitchen.
Cucumber has a very inviting scent and it can help you in your efforts toward getting healthy. This is a Cucumber Detox Water recipe that you can DIY at home and it can be made in a snap! This cucumber water is refreshing, delicious and in line with common fitness goals. Many of the items to make this recipe can be found right in your kitchen. If you have grown your own organic garden then this another way you can put your cucumber crop to good use. Try cucumbers waters with different flavor combinations to customize this beverage to your taste.
Cucumber Lime Detox Water

1/2 cup Cucumber Slices
16oz. Pure Water
Ice Cubes
Glass / Stainless Steel Bottle

Honey/ Agave
Lime Slices
Mint Leaves

Yeilds 1 serving.

Step 1:
Slice cucumber up into really thin slices. Set aside.

Step 2:
If you are going to add lime slices or mint, prepare them and set aside.

Step 3:
Place cucumbers and ice into chilled glass and pour in your pure water.
Tip: place cucumber in the freezer and they will serve a dual purpose of health and keeping the drink ice cold longer.

Step 4:
Next add in your Lime Juice

Step 5:
You can also add some honey or agave as a sweetener. Optional.
Tip: not recommended if you are looking for detox or weight management benefits.
Serve and Enjoy!

Tip: Only drink essential oil infused drinks out of a Glass or Stainless Steel container. Do NOT drink out of a plastic container/straw, or Styrofoam.

Enjoy, please leave me a comment below and ask any questions.
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  1. I've been thinking about a detox water and maybe this may be the first one I'll try! Love cucumber :)

    1. totally try it, thanks for visiting:)

  2. It's really good, great way to start your morning...and with the lime essential oils tastes good without too many drops of it because it is really potent...just one drop does it.


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