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Whipped DIY Body Butter

How to make a Whipped DIY Body Butter at home. This is a luscious, natural, quick and easy DIY Body Butter that I really love to use in my skin care regiment and on my young children. It is creamy, fluffy, and decadent:) You actually only need 3 ingredients for this tutorial, remember the less ingredients in a product usually translates to 'better' for you. The three ingredients are organic, natural, and I feel safe using them everyday and on our children as well.

Natural Whipped DIY Body Butter + Essential Oils

Storage Jar
Spatula Spoon (is that a thing?)

8 drops Essential Oil
Get the ONLY Essential Oils I recommend here.

Step 1:
Measure out 1/2 Cup of Organic Coconut Oil and place in mixing bowl. Whisk it with mixer for about 30 seconds.

Step 2:
Next add in 1 Cup of Organic Shea Butter and whisk with mixer for  15 seconds on low, then on high for 2 minutes.

Step 3:
Then mix in your choice of 8-10 drops Essential Oil, I used Lavender Oil in this batch since it doubles as a Baby friendly body butter.

Step 4:
Finally scoop into an air tight storage container and enjoy!

Doesn't it look so luxurious and soft!

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This is a great alternative for an after sun body butter, and sleepy time lotion for your little ones. I used Lavender Oil to scent it as it is a great smelling oil that promotes relaxation and sound sleep.
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