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Dry DIY Shampoo 2 Ways

Dry DIY Shampoo 2 Ways
How to make DIY Dry Shampoo for either light or dark hair. This recipe includes great smelling ingredients with options using cocoa powder, cinnamon, and your choice of single essential oil. Improve the health of your hair and promote growth by freshening up your look after lunch, errands, or gym workout with this how to tutorial about making your own Dry DIY Shampoo- 2 different ways. This recipe uses only 2 to 3 natural ingredients depending on what version you make.

DIY Dry Shampoo + Essential Oils 2 Ways

     -Xanthan Gum
Cocoa Powder (dark hair version)

Light Hair-

Dark Hair-
1/2 cup Cocoa Powder 
For darker hair and smells great, adjust cocoa powder higher than arrowroot etc.

Red Hair:
For red tone hair and smells great, adjust to match your shade of red.

Step 1:
Measure powders into mortor and pestal. Mix together if you are using combination above for dark hair, red hair.

Step 2:
Add 8 drops Essential Oils {I used Cinnamon Bark Oil in my batch}, per 1 Cup of powder, if you are making more adjust the measurement to customize.

Step 3:
Combine Essential Oil and powder with the Motor/Pestal completely.

Step 4: 
Store in a container and either use a brush to apply or a shaker container. I used a powdered sugar container for my batch.

LOL, I've used a sugar shaker from the martha stewart collection and I've use a clean make up kabuki brush to apply this dry shampoo! Saves money and is functional...

Enjoy, please leave me a comment below and ask any questions.
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