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Mini Layered Strawberry Shortcakes

Mini Layered Strawberry Shortcakes
Aren't these so darling, and with whipped cream too...makes it even better!

 Strawberries are one of my children's favorites desserts, they love fruit. Every once in awhile I breakout the whipped cream and make something to surprise them. This is one of those times, I just love seeing the smiles on their faces when I serve them up something with fluffy whipped cream AND strawberries!

strawberry shortcakes whipped cream dessert idea

Whipped Cream
Short Cakes
-in can or homemade

Step 1:
Place shortcake on plate, place a little bit of frosting. I did this to moisten cakes and add flavor...totally optional but when you are looking for something a tad sweeter, this does the trick.

Step 2:
Add a layer of whipped cream.

Step 3:
Next add strawberry layer.

Step 4:
Then add another whipped cream layer, then layer with strawberries, and finish with dollop of whipped cream as a topper.

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