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Chocolate Covered Skittle Candy Bananas

Chocolate Covered Skittle Candy Bananas

Here is a fun cooking related activity that the kids will enjoy making and eating this Valentine's Day:) Chocolate Covered Skittle or M & M Candy Bananas. They look so festive and cute, perfect for your Valentine's sweetheart this year!
This project is a quick and easy food craft that can be done in an afternoon, excellent idea for a kid's activity on a rainy day or a relaxing weekend.

Chocolate Covered mini frozen Bananas M&M Skittle Candy


Popsicle Sticks
Chocolate Candy Coating
Pink Skittles
Red Skittles
Red M&Ms
Parchment/ Wax Paper
Platter or Baking Sheet that will fit in freezer.

Step 1:

With the peel on...cut bananas up, you'll make 2 out of each banana. Insert popsicle stick in each half, UNPEEL each banana, and place them in freezer. Freezer is optional, yet it helps manage the bananas and they do not get squishy.

Step 2:

Warm up chocolate candy coating according to your specific package directions.

Step 3:

QUICKLY dip and decorate each banana.

Chocolate will set up quickly because of cold temperature. You need to work fast or you can skip freezer but the popsicle stick may not stay secure once you are dipping and the banana tends to be hard to work with and handle at room temperature.


Chocolate Covered mini frozen Bananas M&M Skittle Candy
I hope you enjoyed this project, a great children's activity idea too. Have you ever made something with bananas dipped in chocolate...please share down below I'd love to hear about it.
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Have a great day:)

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Chocolate Covered mini frozen Bananas M&M Skittle Candy

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