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Stuffed Christmas Stockings

 Need a cool project that will keep the kids busy while on Christmas break {we do}, something fast, fun, and wont break the bank? My kids love a project they can build and involves sweets...hmm :/
Well here is an excellent craft project you can make or get the children involved that is quick and easy, most of the supplies you can find around the house, and you can either keep or give as a gift. These are perfect little gifts for neighbors, teachers, and office exchanges. Purchase an inexpensive gift for inside the stocking, this can serve as a gift card holder, then get creative on the outside packaging wrap and make this Christmas gift really pop with pizazz and personality:)

Stuffed Christmas Stockings
No Sew....well it's pretend sew.
You can either stuff the stocking with cotton balls or real goodies....or leave them empty...great either way and would be a kind gesture to give.

Red Paper
1 Bag Cotton Balls
     -Batting {optional}
Hole Puncher
Glue Stick / Adhesive
Hershey's Kisses Chocolates
Gift Tags
If needed-
Scratch Paper

Step 1:
Trace your FREE stocking template or print one out from here...that I found that fantastic template FREE at Butter Cream Sewing Machine blog. You can use that template to actually sew a real stocking out of fabric next time...:)

To save printer ink, I opened the template on the computer screen, maximized to full resolution, TAPED a piece of scrap paper to screen, then traced a few times with pencil....finally with black marker.
 Cut your stocking shape out.
Step 2:
Trace onto colored paper and cut out.

Step 3:
Hold both stocking shapes, the front and back, together while you punch holes on the stocking edges.

Make more than one:)

The stocking also look just as adorable without the chocolate kisses...the cotton and yarn make the design so cute:)

Step 4:
Thread your fluffy yard to 'sew' your stocking edges together, leave and opening and stuff with cotton balls or batting. Attach ribbon loop on top.

Step 5:
Decorate. Attach a gift tag.

 I made one stocking red with a 'gold' toe and heel, and one with green and silver stripes.
I used small cotton balls on one and the other regular size cotton balls....the small one I think came out a little bit cuter than the large size....but get creative with it and have fun:)

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Have a happy holiday season and enjoy!
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