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Jingle Bell Wreath Decor

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath Decor

Mommy Dearest would be so proud that we are getting the wire hangers out of our closets to make these amazing wreaths of jingle joy! And since my name is Christina,...well then I guess I will be Christina Darling for this project...:) DIY Jingle Bell Wreath
Hahah WOW that was a major throwback Thursday reference right there!!!

Who knew a wire hanger could look so good:)

 No wire hangers....!
Wanted four, found three, made the fourth.
 Similar Macy's hack and an upcycle.
A Macy's hack and an up-cycle. Upcycled two wreaths with ribbon, hacked a similar Macy's wreath to make a diy option. 

 I just love red and white candy cane stripes:)


Wire Hanger
Jingle Bells w/ loop- Large
    - different sizes
    - glitter {optional}
    - paint {optional}
Ribbon red and white stripe
   or Over-the-door Wreath Holder
String or Wire {optional}
Hot Glue Gun {optional}

Step 1:
Paint and glitter your jingle bells if you were not able to find colored bells. Let dry.

Step 2: Unbend your wire hanger and shape it into a circle. Try not to un-crimp the very ends, we will use that part to connect hooks together nicely when you leave it as is.

Step 3:
Thread your bells on through the mental loop on the top. If you have different shapes, make a beautiful pattern. Match each bell with the same size and color, thread them right up on top of each other so that it shows the same pattern on each side.

Rotate the cross section of the bell for every 2 that you put on. Face 2 up, then face 2 out.

Step 4:
Optional wire/secure top of wreath closed or just twist wire hanger with some pliers. 

Step 5:
Add a beautiful ribbon and hang to display.

I hope you liked this wreath, I made one of them sized for the smaller windows and or the kitchen door to go with ones I already had.
They look great, especially with the red and white ribbon detail....


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  1. So pretty! My kids are loving jingle bells. If I had this, it would never stay on the door. They'd be running all over the house with it. :)

  2. These are so cute!! I definitely need to make this next Christmas!! I LOVE jingle bells!!


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