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Candy Cane Sled Dessert with Peeps

Candy Cane Sled Dessert with Peeps 

Peep this....{that means take a look at} so cute:)

If you love Peeps then you will definitely get a kick out of this sugar rush...these adorable and edible holiday crafts. My children had so much fun making and enjoying these! Hahaha relax Mom it's ok {i didn't let them eat all of it} but they liked what they did get to actually eat.
These holiday Peeps are really festive and I picked up a few packs of the chocolate dipped peppermint Doves {I call them doves because of dove love, shout out to the Sigma Kappas} and a few of the Gingerbread Men. Ooooooooh this would be a great idea for sorority and fraternity holiday mixers or socials, Pin it!


Mini Candy Canes
    - gingerbread men
Hershey Kisses
    -crushed candy cane
Off set Spatula
Dessert of your choice.

Step 1:
Make your dessert and set aside as needed.

Step 2:
Adhere the mini candy canes together with frosting and let dry. Add frosting to sides of candy canes, then smooth the bottoms with frosting to cement them together. Let the sleds dry on their sides....or another option is to lay flat on wax or parchment paper.

Step 3:
Place a dollop of frosting to the top of the sled and affix your Peep into position. Let dry completely.
You may also stack marshmallows (something similar) behind Peep to prop it up while drying (gingerbread man / snowman).

Step 4:
Adhere the Hershey's Kiss atop the head of each Peep. Place your sleds on top of each dessert and serve.

It's fun to use things you find during the season to make projects with, the kids love it and adore spending family time together.
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