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Greek FroYo Mini Cream Pies Recipe {SWEET}

Hello and welcome! Here I wanted to share a special mini treat that is delicious as well as on the healthier side of desserts. I call these Greek FroYo Mini Cream Pies. If you didn't already know, FroYo means frozen yogurt...for short. These little gems are PERFECT when trying to cool off and beat the heat, and without all the sugar. This is a great idea for this kids and family during summer vacation, parties, bbqs, and Sunday dinner....or any time for that matter. As long as you like Greek Yogurt...with a frozen twist!

 Greek FROYO Mini Cream Pies
Pie Crusts
  ::Graham Mini Pie Crusts- $2 Walmart
Cool Whip
Greek Yogurt- $1.49 Walmart
  -large size or regular sizes (4)
  -flavor of choice
Bowl- Target USA, LLC
Here is where I got all of my ingredients for this recipe.

 Here this image shows what I needed in order to make 1 Large Pie and 6 mini pies. We use the large one for adult portions yet even a mini is a great portion size for an adult. Then we of course serve the mini sizes to the children.

Step 1: 
Unwrap the pie crusts and set aside.

Step 2:
Combine Greek Yogurt with Whip Cream by folding together, do not over handle.

Step 3:
Divide portions into each pie crust and smooth the top by making a circular motion with your spatula or spoon.

Look how cute and adorable they come out!!
Step 4:
Cover carefully with tops or plastic wrap. Place in freezer until frozen, about 1-2 hrs.

 There you go, your Mini FroYo Cream Pies....just in time for summer!

Top with whip cream and fruit, get creative. This is just a base pie recipe the potential variations are endless!!


~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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  1. This looks so easy and wonderful! Is that vanilla Greek yogurt or is it plain? What fat content was it?
    I use a lot of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, but I could go out and buy something else if needed for the pie.
    Sometimes I just stir jam into the nonfat plain and it's pretty delicious.

  2. This was Vanilla because my son picked out the flavor, the fat content varies depending on what brand you use. You can make them any flavor, just follow the same process.

    Thanks for visiting!!


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