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Cleaning Collective- Organized and PINK!

Cleaning Collective- Organized and PINK! 

Welcome to SWEET HAUTE, spring is upon us, yes, but I like to keep it fresh and lively in our home all year long. Cleaning Collective- Organized and PINK! I did this project to put some 'La Dolce Vita' (the sweet life) charm into my daily chores. I hope you find some organization inspiration and fun ideas here!

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 I call this my 'Candy Cabana Stripe' cleaning collective, aka closet! This 'organization project' was especially fun to work on because of the joy that the candy striped boxes, and the paint colors pearl and pink brings me. And since I'm the person that does most of the cleaning in our home I wanted to make this space as cheerful and motivating as possible. The best way for me to achieve that result was to make it DIY friendly, super organized, and include a lot of vibrancy and color.

Open sesame! To the beautiful and exciting world of SWEET HAUTE's cleaning collective!

Source List:

Pink Wall Color- Sweet Taffy by Benjamin Moore
Iridescent White Wall Color- Pearl Glaze from Valspar
Pink Tote/Box- Walmart
Table- FREE originally from Target
Boxes- Michaels 
Label Hang Tags
Utility Rack/Hooks
   -fan duster
   -swiffer mop
Ribbon/ or Twine
Hello Kitty Aprons
Candy Cabana Stripe Cleaning Collective by SWEET HAUTE
If you like to learn more about the painted walls inside this cleaning wonderland, please check out my Cabana Stripes Wall Paint tutorial here. I eventually plan on taking out the wire shelving and replacing it with a DIY wood closet self system, so stay tuned for that!

I re-vamped that small wooden table which I picked up from Walmart YEARS ago. It was that light natural wood color, so that had to go. Read more about the chevron boxes below.

Metal Label Hang Tags- great for organizing!
These are the metal hanging tags I used, purchased from Ballard's Designs on sale, and using a promo coupon they had if you sign up with their mailing list. (Click image to enlarge)

Starting from the top left side of shelf. We have our box of swiffer floor replacement pads, for mopping. Above that I put something light in weight since I will be opening that box often, placing some handy paper towels. (Click image to enlarge)

 On the right side of the shelf is a box of individually wrapped sponges, from Sam's Club or Costco. We have a ton so since I do not use them as often I placed them here with toilet paper stacked on top.

Above, you can see what I store inside the large pink canvas tote box at the top of the shelf. Just my bulky cleaners are stored here, I already had this tote and re-purposed it here. (Click image to enlarge)

Starting on the right side, hanging on the wall is my sweeping and mopping implements. The blue handle is an overhead duster, for a ceiling fan or shelf. The teal green is a swiffer sweeper. The red is a broom. The dark purple is my swiffer mop. The white is a dust pan, hand broom combo.
I know...that silver and black broom rack isn't the most gorgeous but it really isn't seen, and it is more functional than decor anyway. I'm sure you could paint it if need be. ;)

This is what I used for my hooks that are directly across from the broom rack wall, the left side closet wall. I already had a hook there so I re-used that one then added 2 more hooks to add more storage. The hooks implements are the 3M Command hooks, and 3M Command Damage-free Hanging adhesive strips.

This is what it looks like after. We have our handy yellow feather duster. I added ribbon because the hole on top would not fit the hook. Then you have mommy and me matching Hello Kitty aprons that have really been a great idea. My daughter has been using since she is 1 and she is not almost 5, still fits great. When it no longer fits I can pass it down to our youngest child.

Large boxes from Michael's after Valentine's Day sale on clearance!
Smaller chevron boxes are DIY cardboard boxes covered in shelf liner (that I already had extra of leftover) from another project I did with my fridge DIY Refrigerator Shelf Liners here.

 Lower level has your glass cleaner (Windex), scouring powder (bon ami), air freshener, toilet cleaner, anti-bacterial spray, dusting pads for Swiffer Sweeper, lysol, and clorox wipes. I even have a oddly placed outlet in my closet that I can use for a docking station if I ever invest in an iRobot Roomba. I never thought about it until I saw one in action at 2 different friend's of ours. Yet the cost is a pretty penny so I haven't took the plunge yet. The thing that sold me was that it it puts itself back and charges itself, I didn't KNOW that. I thought we have to put it out, re-charge it, etc. AND it electronically can 'avoid' going into certain if you didn't want it to wake baby etc.

This is the top of table, items close up. Scouring powder is Bon Ami from Target, a natural safe alternative cleaner. Gloves, glass cleaner, and glad Cotton Candy Sweet air freshener. I made the shallow chevron box "trays" from shoe box lids, the lids were perfect in shape and size to use as a 'liner' to protect the wood in case of spillage. I simply cover the box lid with chevron shelf liner.

Shown here is the bottom section of the table. Lysol toilet cleaner, Clorox toilet wand re-fills, Lysol disinfectant spray (Clean Linen) scent, and Clorox wipes. Again, I made the shallow chevron box "trays" from shoe box lids, the lids were perfect in shape and size to use as a 'liner' to protect the wood in case of spillage. Under the table is DIY small shoe boxes covered in chevron adhesive contact paper. These are not chemical free, yet we got them from Sam's Club or Costco so we still have bulk left over. I eventually plan on converting over to green cleaning supplies, that I can DIY so that it isn't harmful to our skin or air quality....making cleaning easier on us.

Yet, this is how it really looks. I hung a left over Hello Kitty DIY party garland that I made so that it would cover the metal shelf bracket and it also matches the color scheme. To make your own hello kitty card deck DIY garland bunting check out my post on the tutorial here...

 Hello Kitty Garland video on the SWEET HAUTE YouTube Channel!

Translucent Iridescent Glaze- Pearl Valspar
Please excuse this iphone photo, yet you can  really see how reflective the pearl paint is in this image.
The BEFORE is shown above (right). Boring and not inviting at inviting cleaning can be. Check out the Cabana Stripes Wall Tutorial post here...

 The AFTER reveal is shown here and what a difference you can make with things you already have (possibly). I already had everything used in this project except the pink/red striped boxes, which I got on CLEARANCE at Michael's after Valentines Day this year. The paints I already had from my daughter's room project. Chevron shelf liner from another project. Hang label tags were already here that I was using in another room as well. I either re-purposed items or made them. The chevron boxes were DIY, quick and easy. I really hope your enjoyed this reveal and this inspires you to make your home clean, organized, and peaceful. (and pretty sweet)


  1. How cute is that! I love it!

  2. Seriously - that's the cutest most organized cleaning supply closet I've ever seen. I'm completely embarrassed by my under-the-kitchen-sink chaos! :)

    1. thank you, you should have saw the before picture on my cabana stripes paint post....yes chaos!

  3. Great job. I love the candy strips for a sweet dash of extra pizzaz. The Hello Kitty garland is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  4. This is pretty darn cute. I wouldn't mind getting into a cleaning supplies closet that looked like this. It would make cleaning a little more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Super adorable! Pinned! Thanks again, for sharing at our party! Lou Lou Girls

  6. This is adorable. The only problem is that now I feel like I HAVE to organize my broom closet better. Darn it!

    1. it makes me so much more happier when I open it though!! Thank you for visiting Katie!


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