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Hello Kitty Garland Tutorial

Hello Kitty Garland Tutorial 

Hello and welcome to the SWEET HAUTE blog, I'm sharing how I made a Hello Kitty Party Banner Garland. This is a wonderful garland that you can make fairly quickly and for not a lot of money. These are also sometimes referred to as bunting, banners, or streamer....all that you easily make yourself with inexpensive supplies. You may already have these items around the house. Gather up everything and lets start creating!

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I chose these particular playing cards for 2 reasons I am a hello kitty fan, hello kitty is very nostalgic to me and my childhood AND because they had hearts on them so it is fitting since my blogging brand is Sweet Haute which is a play on sweetheart. I am fond of things that are sweet themed or heart themed (within reason) dolce vita darlings. Live the SWEET life, don't let a day go by without enjoying and doing what you love with your loved ones!!


Ribbon 1-2  spools
-colors of your choice
Rickrack 1 spool of polyester 
Pom Poms
Hot Glue Gun
Lighter (optional)
Hole Punch

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 Close-up image of the bunting hanging on party buffet table.

Step 1: 

Gather some ribbon, rick rack, pom poms in the colors of your choice. Prepare by measuring the desired length of the end streamers. The streamers I made for our garland ends are 20 inches each, I made 4 of them, 2 pink grosgrain ribbon, and 2 white rickrack.

 Here I used the hot glue gun to adhere my pom poms to my ribbon and rick rack notions.  You can see here that I 'staggered' the pom poms so that when they are hanging you can see them easily and they don't become bunched up together. I made the pink ribbon one design, and the white rickrack a different design using the pom poms.

Step 2:

Next measure out your playing card 'design' by actually laying them out. Make your adjustments where needed then spread out your ribbon, that will determine the weaving ribbon length. Be sure to leave excess slack ribbon on each end for easy hanging/ tying.

Step 3:

Hole punch the cards at the top, 2 on top. And 2 on bottom that will have the ribbon embellishment on them. Some of my cards I didn't do the ribbon detail on bottom. Change it out as needed and get the look you want to achieve. Have fun with it!

Here you can see the garland without the ribbon on bottom, showing where I place my hole from the hole punch.

Step 4:

Start weaving ribbon through the garland playing cards. I kept the ribbon on the spool and cut the slack after but that is up to you. I weaved the cards by hold each playing card in hand, while pulling ribbon opposed to pulling the card against the entire length of ribbon. Then once you get to end, position it correctly and move on to the next. 

Step 5:

Cut ribbon 'tie' accents, ours were about 6 inches each, multiply by how many you need. Candle the edges.

Step 6:

Begin tying the ribbon knots on the bottom edges that you designated to have this embellishment, it doesn't have to be each one. Make it look nice, but not to busy.

You can see that I did the ribbon detail only on my rectangle playing cards, not my kitty shaped cards.

The ribbon accents do not have to be complicated, just do a simple tie. Sometimes bows make it too girly (for me) so I use a simple knot tie to accent it yet keep it clean with no fuss. Quickly melt edge of ribbons to keep them from fraying....optional of course, but it makes them easier to thread through the punched holes when melted or candled.

Step 7:

Tie up and add streamer, either permanently or keep them flexible. I kept our garland flexible so I simply tied the streamers onto the edges.

 Hang your garland where it will serve as your decor for your next special occasion (or for fun in general) and then add the streamers on each side to complete the look.

The pom pom streamers give it an extra bonus of something unexpected and cute, but still not too much to put it over the top 'girly''s already sweet and girly.

 There you have it, an affordable option to decorating ideas for birthdays, baby showers, and little girl spa parties etc.
Above is a quick before and after shot of where the garland is now!
We re-purposed our garland after the party and added it to our Cleaning Collective space to hide the no-so pretty wire closet rack. Read more about it here....

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY tutorial and it has inspired you to make a fun garland, bunting, or banner! Have you made a similar garland? What have you made like this garland banner? How did you make yours differently than ours? Comment below, I'd love to read any feedback. Thanks.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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