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Cadbury Egg- Sea Salted Caramel Mug Cake {SWEET}

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Cadbury Egg-Sea Salted Caramel {Coffee} Mug Cake
A quick and easy recipe tutorial for your up coming Easter Dinner dessert....and they are even individualized to make them extra special. These are also a great idea for breakfast to go on the weeks surrounding spring time and the Easter special holiday season!!

I'm a fan of the original Cadbury Egg candy, but my husband brought home a surprise for us and they were all the caramel version of this delicious treat. The wheels started to turn in my imagination so I came up with a version of the coffee mug cake with the caramel egg instead of the creme egg this time around.

Dry Ingredients (or boxed cake mix)
-cocoa powder
-baking powder
Cadbury Caramel Eggs
LARGE Coffee Mug
Wet Ingredients
Caramel Dip (old fashioned)
Sea Salt
Mixing Bowl

To add the 'Sea Salted' component to the caramel....top with a dollop of warm caramel and sprinkle a dash of sea salt atop of it.

When we made this, we used a boxed mix since we had one on hand at the house...and we were out of cocoa powder and I wanted it to be chocolate instead of a white /yellow cake. So we kept it easy on us (kids included) and used a boxed cake mix for our dry ingredients. I will include the dry ingredients recipe in details above.....but you can skip if you have a box mix. If you have no mix in the the cupboard, yet you have all the regular individual ingredients...then by all means of course use that instead of the box.....see how flexible this coffee mug cake is, it's easy breezy AND yummy! (in moderation)

Step 1:
Gather ingredients, figure out what route you will be taking flavor and component wise.

 Step 2:
Mix together your dry ingredients until combined. Then add your wet ingredient and blend with mixer or by hand for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3:
Pour about a 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup, actually use a measuring cup and place batter into a LARGE coffee mug...not a standard regular size coffee mug, a LARGER sized coffee mug. That is very important!

See how the batter level isn't too far up inside the mug, it should be just like so. Adjust it to the type of coffee mug you will be using.

Step 4:
Put your Cadbury Egg right on top of batter, you do not need to push it inside. It will sink into the proper place.

This is how it should look inside your LARGE coffee mug before going into the cooking process.

Step 5:
Microwave your mug cake for 1 minute, microwaves vary but in our microwave we did it for 1 minute and had minimum bubbling and spillage (if any).

And it should come out of the microwave looking like this. Add caramel and sea salt to the top for an extra twist. I hope you liked this easy, fun, Easter inspired recipe and it is a great idea you can make with the kids for your next dessert or occasional breakfast.

~Be Sweet


Sweetest Haute

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  1. Christina ~ these look and sound absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing at last week's Project Inspire{d} ~ you will be one of my features tonight. Your styling is exquisite ~ beautiful photography. Pinned and Stumbled ~ have a wonderful week and I hope you join the party again this evening.

  2. Congratulations...I'm featuring this post on Create It Thursday this week! Thanks so much for sharing a great idea with us last week.

  3. This sounds delicious, but there are no measurements to go by. When I go to your previous post about them & click on the tutorial, it keeps taking me to some obscure, unrelated sight. Just wonder if anyone else is having issues.


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