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'Screamsicle' Sunset Soda: Halloween Drink

'Screamsicle' Sunset Soda: Halloween Drink
Greetings, I wanted to share this refreshing and super spooky soda that I made with the kids for a get together we recently had. Screamsicle Sunset Soda at Halloween drink. It came out just beautifully! I used this fantastic and interesting looking soda I found at the grocery store called 'CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' and I love cream soda (diet) already and this was a orange cream soda, so I decided to try it out.
This picture is sort of blurry, but I couldn't tell until I opened it in the computer so I don't have another one of the finished product but I will upload another one later. It came out so cute too, with a scary screamsicle twist! Orange twist...that is of course!!!

Orange Cream Soda
Cranberry Juice
Orange Spiral Twist
Sprial Twist Tool
Skeleton Coasters (cupcake papers)

California Dreamin, Lemonade, and Cranberry juice.
This layered drink recipe was fun to make because the kids were mesmerized by how the layers of colors stayed separated. You can use any drink liquids you want, just as long as the liquid with the largest sugar content is on the bottom, layering until the lowest sugar content is on top. Make sure you use ice in each cup.

Step 1:
Make orange peel spiral twists with a special tool found here. Set aside

Step 2:
Rub a piece of orange around the rim of each glass to moisten it with orange juice.
Dip each glass in the orange color sugar crystal sprinkles.

Step 3:
Fill each cup to the top with ice.

Step 4:
Pour the Cranberry juice on bottom layer.

Step 5:
Next SLOWLY pour Lemonade layer, for the second liquid.

Step 6:
Then SLOWLY pour Orange Cream Soda layer, to the top liquid.

Step 7:
Finally insert straw slowly, and garnish with orange peel spiral twist. Place in the skeleton coasters!!!

And viola!, you have your 'Screamsicle' Sunset Soda for your seasonal Halloween gathering!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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