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Home Staging Tips: The DIY Approach

These are my Top 12 favorite home staging tips. This is a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to get your house to sell quickly. Go through your home and see which of the items on this list need to be addressed. Next, check out your competition so your property outshines theirs and makes a great memorable impression when buyers are touring. Make sure to fine tune as many issues as possible before listing your home or having your first open house, this will save time and money in the long run.
TOP 12 favorite Home Staging Tips:

1. BIGGER IS BETTER: Make each room appear as big as it possible can. Adding a beautiful mirror really helps visually enhance any space.

2. DE-CLUTTER: Clear the clutter. Use a light and bright paint color to freshen the space and let light in.

3. SHADES O'COLOR: In a smaller space, decorate with different shades of a similiar color. It give visual depth and creates an even flow.

4. KITCHEN COZYNESS: Updating your kitchen is a great idea. Do this by simply changing out the hardware or adding cabinet hardware, gorgeous accessories, new paint, and changing to new window treatments. Make sure the inside of your fridge is organized and clean too, buyers sometimes open it. Check out post on how I staged my fridge here, bringing beauty to something ordinary.

5. BATHROOM BEAUTY: Re-do your bathrooms easily and inexpensively by updating the mirrors, hardware, adding plush towels, nice accessories, and new paint. Check out how I updated our bathroom by framing our bathroom builder-grade mirrors.

6. FRESHEN FURNITURE: Revitalize your current furniture. This can be done by repainting, staining, changing hardware, or adding slipcovers.

7. ACCENT SPACE: Wallpaper is back...if done correctly. It can be used as a focal point on an accent wall or a recessed area of a space.

8. WELCOME HOME: Make an enterance to remember. Update your welcome mat, spruce up the house numbers, change out doorknob, and re-stain front door. This will create fantastic curb appeal.

9. INTERESTED?: Keep the interest in each room by having great design and unexpected elements.

10. GREENTHUMB: Combine living plants into the decor of your home. Fresh flowers and greenery add comfort and sweetness to any space.

11. TIS' THE SEASON: Seasonal accents are a good way to keep your decor fresh. Classic fall, spring, summer, and winter elements are appropriate.

12. SIT WITH ME: In a huge space you can create coversational pockets around the room with rearranging seating and grouping areas in a flowing shape.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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