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NKOTB New Kids on the Block LPS Parody

 NKOTB New Kids on the Block LPS Parody Page

Start them early, music education for the youth of the world about how love songs and fun stadium music should sound in lyric and rhythm. Hence, music daughters can listen to. New Pets on the Block LPS are fun parody videos 'This one's for the Children...' and parents alike who grew up during their prime height of fame years. 

These videos are currently NOT monetized, in the future when /if they are eligible YouTube AUTOMATICALLY sends the ad money to the New Kids on the Block, band, or artist if algorithm is connected. Not me, I'm helping to bring awareness to the New Kids, their lovely songs, and {make spare change for them} support them. I always support them because I NEVER want them to stop doing what they do!!
These videos are made with good intentions and eternal love for the band, the New Kids's wonderfully nostalgic songs, and their adoring fans.
#NewKidsOnTheBlock #NewPetsontheBlock

LPS New Kids on the Block 90's Coke Commercial Parody Magic Summer Tour
Littlest Pet Shop

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