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Jordan Knight

 Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight has emerged for rehearsals 2021 for shows at Merriweather and Fenway Park 2021!! Where are you and how are you doin? Hope you are staying safe and staying healthy! We absolutely love Jordan Knight around here. Jordan Knight is the myth, the Unicorn, the mystery, the legend AND he is my favorite band member of the New Kids on the Block NKOTB; also my 1st {main} celebrity crush in life when I was growing up. #jordangirl Did you know he also is the only member of NKOTB to be named People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People 1990?! He needs now to have a page dedicated to him on my blog, welcome!! Birthday May 17th, Taurus.

These videos are currently NOT monetized, in the future when /if they are eligible YouTube AUTOMATICALLY sends the ad money to the New Kids on the Block, band, or artist if algorithm is connected. Not me, I'm helping to bring awareness to the New Kids, their lovely songs, and {make spare change for them} support them. I always support them and their solo projects because I NEVER want them to stop doing what they do!!
These videos are made with good intentions and eternal love for the band, the New Kids's wonderfully nostalgic songs, and their adoring fans.

Check out Jordan Knight Day Tribute:

Who is Jordan Knight:

Front man and lead singer of the famous original boy band New Kids on the Block out of Worchester Dorchester, MA {Boston.}

1990 Named People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

Known for his Falsetto vocals, piano playing, and Lead Singer of many of NKOTB's Top hits.

1999 Solo Artist 'Give it to You' Jordan Knight, 2004 'Nkotb Songs', 2005 'The Fix', 2006 'Love Songs', 2011 'Unfinished', and 2014 'Nick and Knight'.

2004, 2007 Featured on VH1's Surreal Life.

2011 Judge on Cover Me Canada

2016 Featured on Rock this Boat

2021 Featured on Farmhouse Fixer

Gorgeous: the VOICE, the HAIR, the ABs abdominal muscles, the LIPS, the BREAKDANCING, Pop Locking, the Dimple, EYEs and SMILE!!! 

Singer. Music Producer. Writer.
Jordan Knight People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World 1990

Mixtape Tour:


After the Mixtape Tour....Radio Silence


JANUARY 30, 2020 {pre-Pandemic} People saw him in the streets at his co-owned restaurant Novara in Milton, MA and at a Celtics Game with Donnie Wahlberg.
Novara Restaurant Milton, MA

That's a REAL J smile right there.....!! Celtics game TD Gardens Boston, MA.
Him and Donnie look so handsome in these pictures.

MAY 13, 2020 we saw Jordan Knight in the Boston Magazine article My Life in the Age of COVID: New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight speaking on the Pandemic and his Restaurant Novara in Milton, MA.

JULY 2020 People saw him in the streets at Home Depot.

People saw him in the streets at his Restaurant that he co-owns 'Novara' or Abbey Park

'Internet Diet' Timeline: 

....the 'Internet Diet' timeline, a diet I've actually followed since 2009....LOL it's VERY extremely helpful!!! especially for empathic, introspective, creatives. I do consider myself a hybrid of extrovert + introvert as far as energy... On the internet I'm more privacy conscience + introverted than in actual life. Even though I'm a public figure Vlogger and Blogger I do so to share information and help others. Jordan Knight is an entertainer so it may 'get' to him having no anonymity and little privacy.

1. Twitter mass unfollow #1 during Pandemic. 
I only knew about it after the fact, I am not always online in social platforms. I am usually working and busy. People were asking him about it in the chat on the subsequent NKOTB Live they did on YouTube after it happened. 

2. Twitter mass unfollowing #2 FEBRUARY where Jordan Knight unfollowed all his 'fan' related followers. Again, I found out after the fact since so many people were upset and talking about it again.

3. Around the 'Instagram Platform Updates effective DECEMBER 20th, 2020'; near the day before Valentine's......tear!
Jordan Knight did an Instagram post and followed by deactivation. He had not been active on Instagram at all {posting} since his El Paso tribute post in August 2019. Although he did host a Instagram LIVE during the NKOTB Virtual Cruise 2020 {which we were so #thankful for} but he wasn't really the same Jordan we know and love. I don't think he 'wanted' to do the LIVE, but he agreed to it bc he loves his fanbase.
Posted on his Instagram IG@jordanknightofficial right before he deactivated it.
Why did Jordan Knight close or deactivate his Instagram account?

3. Facebook was still there and later deleted or deactivated FEBRUARY 16th, 2021.

4. Twitter was his only social media account profile for about 1 month.

5. Twitter @JordanKnightOfficial @JordanKnight bit the dust in MARCH 15-16th, 2021.
After that an impersonator then took that username, do not interact with a Jordan Knight without the BLUE Verified Check next to it.

Jordan Knight still has his inactive 'Website' and his YouTube Channel but other than that he got rid of many of his high profile sites.

MARCH 10, 2021 
It was great seeing you on the HGTV show Farmhouse Fixer with Jon. I don't know when that was actually filmed, def closely prior to the outbreak OR during the pandemic with safety mitigations in place. I recognize the barn in that episode from some IG and Twitter posts. That is probably when you were filming and used it to beautifully celebrate in.
MARCH 2021
There is talk that Jordan Knight might be on this Season 5's FOX's 'Masked Singer' since Jenny McCarthy {Donnie Wahlberg's wife} and Robin Thicke {former Producer of Jordan's Knight solo songs} are both judges on that series.
So far already think that Nick Lachey is on Season 5 and he has toured with New Kids on the Block with his fellow band mates 98 Degrees.

Jordan Knight Famous Images:

Here are some of MY all time favorite images of Jordan Knight AND some of the most popular pictures of him! I actually have some of these pictures in giant poster form.....lucky me.

Shout to a poster that featured Jordan Knight's signature that was reminiscent of his BIBIY tour performance off the Step-by-Step album. I was fortunate enough to catch that Magic Summer tour performance in person of his epic 'Baby I Believe in You' concert rendition. tear...
'Baby I Believe in You' clip from the Step-by-Step album on the Magic Summer Tour.

Shout out to your former brutally hot B-boy Breakdancer Body in the late 80's early 90's when life was wild and free!!


Jordan Knight at the last NKOTB Cruise 10 X during the trip to Half Moon Cay island.

Jordan Knight at the last NKOTB Cruise 10 X during the Sail Away Deck Party.

Jordan Knight at the Theater Concert at the last NKOTB Cruise 10X 2018

Untold Stories NKOTB Jordan Knight 

If you missed Day 1 NKOTB Cruise VLOG , Theater Game Show and the Valentine's Ball Deck Party click the links to check those out or head to the NKOTB tab at the top with all the associated post content.

Email me your Untold NKOTB Encounter Stories if you would like to share on the blog and NKOTB Cruise 2018 X Stories with receipts and pictures for proof. Email: shautes @ gmail dot com. Thank you for visiting, please leave a comment below!

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Email me your Untold NKOTB Encounter Stories if you would like to share on the blog and NKOTB Cruise 2018 X Stories with receipts and pictures for proof. Email: shautes @ gmail dot com. Thank you for visiting, please leave a comment below!

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