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Farmhouse Fixer with NKOTB's Jon Knight

Farmhouse Fixer with NKOTB Jon Knight 

Series Premiere's tonight Wednesday March 3rd! Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block and Real Estate mogul is starring in Farmhouse Fixer! Jon Knight must preserve the history of a 280-year-old farmhouse while also making it feasible for modern living. When he learns that part of the foundation is beyond saving, he makes the shocking proposition to the owners to tear down half of the home. FARMHOUSE FIXER on HGTV we are so proud of you!!

This is right up my {block} alley at SWEETHAUTE and you are definitely speaking my language Jon Knight!! This is so very epic and such a great thing!

In the first 1st Episode I lOVED how he decided to 'brand' each wood beam with the farmhouse's owner history....last name of each family who had owned that property and lived there.
Now I have to find something to brand.....Hmmmmm I think I have a place in mind!
Stay tuned!

so cute!

he even appeared on 'The Amazing Race" with fiance....!!

Set your DVR's for the whole DIY

so exciting!!!....

I will be trying any and all DIY projects I see him do on the show!

Have a wonderful day! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the show or to show me that you visited!!

~Be Sweet
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