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DIY Tabletop Shield Booth Sneeze Guard

DIY Tabletop Shield Sneeze Guard  

Make your own fast, easy, and inexpensive DIY Tabletop Shield Sneeze Guard that you can assemble in under 30 minutes. You can quickly and easily find all of the supplies and customize it to fit your purpose and color scheme. Don't buy a tabletop shield / sneeze guard for your Booth or small business, make it yourself. Our is light weight and mobile, we can easily travel with it in tact OR you can take the brackets off super fast to transport!

We made ours for our Girl Scout Cookie Booth this year due to the health and safety concerns surrounding COVID19 currently. We maintained a clean and safe environment to easily sell our Troop's Girl Scout Cookies this season. 

There is still time if you haven't already purchased your Girl Scout Cookies this season as well... Here are my daughter's Digital Cookie sites if you would like to support the Girl Scouts organization this cookie season! 


(4) Four, 2 1/2in Hinges 
(4-6) Four to six, 1/4in- 20x1-1/4in Screws {enough for YOUR shelf bracket}
(4-6) Four to six, 1/4in-20 Wing Nuts
(2-4) Large Construction Clamps {big enough for YOUR table}
  -paint brushes

Step 1:

Gather Supplies + Tools from Home Depot, Lowe's or hardware store. My supplies and brands are from Home Depot. I showed exactly what I purchased to build it. Try your best to fine flat edge wood frames.
Paint to the color you would like and let dry.
{I painted one my fav teal green because it was brown, I could find enough 'all' white frames at the time.}

Found these beauties first, next needed to make a hardware store run.

Our son was kind enough to model them for scale for us.

I got two 16x20 inch metal Shelf Brackets

From Home Depot, they are in the same isle. Sections are next to each other. 

Ok these are the supplies BUT with only 'need' the amounts listed above.

Step 2:

TRACE/ mark spots with pencil on the back of frames to drill your bolts through for the 16x20 inch Self Brackets
    -I used six screw bolts in my shelf brackets.
    -enough for YOUR shelf bracket you choose.

Step 3:

Trace/ mark spots with pencil on frames for the hinges. 1 set of two on the front of the shield, 1 set of two hinges for the back of the tabletop shield / sneeze guard.
(4) Four 2 1/2 Hinges {Comes in 2-pack}
    -comes with screws in packet
Remove the 'paper' and cardboard textured 'wood' from back of each poster frame.

Step 4:

FIRST Protect the plexiglass with the paper from the inside of the frame BEFORE you start drilling the bolt holes and screwing the hinges on.
{one slipped during the process and made a small crack in the delicate plexiglass.}

Distressed paint, I didn't prime it and the wood was coated in a plastic. 

Step 5:

After hinges are installed, next assemble the metal 16x20 in Shelf Brackets onto the frame for the tabletop shield / sneeze guard with the screws and wing nuts and test it out.
I used 4 construction clamps on my tabletop shield because of wind. I placed 1 toward back, and 1 at the inside of the shelf triangle {see picture.}

D O N E.
The 18x24 frame was the perfect size for the Girl Scout poster board too.


Shelf Brackets- Home Depot
Hinges- Home Depot
Skateboard ProVan Shoes- Vans
Antihero Skateboard Hoodie- Supreme New York
Checkerboard Vans- Coastal Edge Surf Shop
FauxSheep Bomber Jacket- Justice
Business Cards- Vista Print
Troop Hair Bows- Etsy
GS Poster Boards- Girl Scout Council Store /online
GS Table Cloth- Girl Scout Council Store /online
Hand Held signs- provided by Council 
Balloons Bouquet- Dollar Store

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