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St. Patrick's Lime Green Milk + Free Printable Leprechaun Mustache

St. Patrick's Lime Green Milk + Free Printable

Make your own Lime Green Milk for St. Patrick's Day Breakfast this year. You can make green eggs and ham with 'Lime Green' Milk...just serve it with eggs and bacon.
This is a cute idea for the kid's breakfast this weekend or the morning of St. Patrick's Day.
You can even get the kids involved in the kitchen to prep these totally cool milks!
I've included a FREE Printable Green 'Leprechaun' Mustache to decorate your straws, this will most certainly make for a memorable St. Patrick's Day morning!
 St. Patrick's Day Lime Green Milk + FREE Printable


1 Tablespoon Lime Jello Powder
Whipped Cream

Step 1:

Pour Milk into large cold glass. For smaller glasses use less Jello Powder.

Step 2:

Add 1 tablespoon of Lime Jello Powder to the milk and stir until combined and smooth.

Step 3:

Print out Green Mustaches and cut a opening at the top of mustache and bottom of mustache and thread the straw through.

Step 4:

Top lime green milk with Whipped Cream.

Serve immediately.

free printable mustaches st patricks day

Green Mustache FREE Printable

You can cut them out with either printer paper or card stock but I merely did mine with printer paper and made them into rectangles so that the mustaches didn't get 'curly'. It's really humid where I live so I do not like the paper to become warped.

These can also be cut into a oval shape if you want a rounded look, then thread the straw through.
Then of course you can cut them exactly out in the shape of cute mustaches, but I wanted to share my time saver tips and 'curly' paper tips.
This milk actually is sort of refreshing because of the Lime flavor, and the kids really loved it!

St Patricks Lime Green Milk and FREE Mustache Printables- SWEET HAUTE
Cute mustache printable:)
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  1. tomorrow is going to be my first st patricks day and as you can tell i'm very excited! Thank you for sharing this recipe i'll definitely going to make it as breakfast.

    The Color Palette

  2. ohhh so pretty my kids would go gaga for this :) I think it needs just a litttttle chocolate though :)


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