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Piñata DIY Super Mario Bros Style- Tutorial

Piñata DIY Style- Tutorial

This tutorial is sharing how we made our circular cardboard Piñata for our Super Mario Bro's birthday party coming up. Piñata DIY Super Mario Bros Style- Tutorial. We didn't want to shell out $50+ plus dollars for a pinata when I know good and well that I could create a pinata myself. It may not be as fancy as the ones at the store...but it does the trick, ESPECIALLY since the kids are just going to turn around and destroy it.
You can use many things you can find around the house...maybe even all of them.

Super Mario Bro's Fire Power DIY Piñata {FRONT view}.


- cereal boxes
- oatmeal boxes
Packing Tape
Bowl- large size
Wax Paper-optional

Super Mario Bro's Birthday Piñata {BACK view}.

 Gather up your supplies, try and use as many items that you already have as you can.

Step 1:

Make your 'frame' out of cardboard.
Find something to trace a large circle with, we used an inner-tube. The trace doesn't have to be perfect. 

Trace your shape again with a sharpie so your little helper can see where to cut.
Prepare to cut out the shape from the cardboard with heavy duty scissors.

As you can see here, I used very thin cardboard left over from some cereal boxes, and a protein meal replacement box. I used an empty paper towel roll to add a little support while I was shaping it. I used packing tape to make the frame work for this Pinata/ Piñata.

Step 2:

Paper mache corners, gaps, edges, preferably the entire 'frame'... but I only did the edges.

 Run each strip of newspaper through the starch and hold it up, run the opposite hand's fingers against the length of paper slightly to take off any excess starch.

Step 3:

Let it dry outside for faster results. It takes about 6-8 hours depending on how hot it is...
 I sat it outside and it was 90 degrees YET it was humid as well so it might have dried faster in a dry environment. I perched it on top of an open box so that the hot air could circular under it. Time is important here, I needed it dry asap so I could start decorating it. I had no idea how long it took to decorate took longer than expected. Yet I was 'being a mom, wife' in between decorating the Piñata.

Step 4:

Attach your rope.
You will need this to hook it up to your tie on before the festivities begin.

This is what you will need to create the hook attachment in order to hang it up. I used a frosting can top, twine, and scissors. Use something similar, that you already have on hand. 


I used scissors to make an opening in two spots across from each other on the top, make sure it will hang 'balanced' and then thread your rope through. This is how I did it and it worked out, if you know of a better way, then go for it.

Step 5:

Decorate it.
Decorate after completely dry, you can use many things to accomplish the look of whatever theme you choose.

 Stack the crepe paper sections together, then cut the fringe into it. It worked best when I stacked 3 together with the type of scissors I was using.

Take your glue and make a mix with glue and a drizzle of water, just enough to make it workable. Use the paintbrush to put a line of glue mix then press down each crepe paper. Start from the bottom, then work your way up, to get that layer effect. I lifted some of the fringe up so you can see the layering and where the glue is placed. I started on the edges first, then did the front and back last. I ended up using paint to, which I hadn't intended to do but I had some left out from another project that I was working on while this was drying so I spread it over the front and back in phases. I then printed images on the computer and taped them on, glued the edges down. Do not get glue on any of the color images, color will run and blur.

I added cones on the sides by using party hats then cutting/folding edge and adhering it to the Piñata with tape, then decorated over them to cover edges.

 I glued the fringe right over the cone edges, cut the fringe to different shapes and sizes.
After you have the cones on, cut some streams to the desired length and staple them to each end of the cones.
The front and back I did crepe paper fringe in a circular pattern then taped some Fire Power Super Mario Bro themed print outs.

I think it came out great, especially for DIY! My son thought it was awesome and looked better than the one we saw online for Super Mario Bro's!! that was enough for me;) Happy to make his birthday special and memorable.

All the items used were either FREE {we already had at the house}, or from dollar store. I printed the logos and images. The most expensive thing about this project was how time consuming it was, now I know why they at $40-$60 dollars a pop!
I made a pretty tough Piñata, the kids couldn't even break it open....
The Pinata was so tough, the adults had to tear it open to get the candy out.... :)
Please leave me a comment below;)

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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