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Clothes Pin DIY Place Cards

Clothes Pin DIY Place Cards

Christmas is approaching and it is one of my family's FAVORITE holidays! We love the traditions, family getting together, cooking and baking together, and of course the food. This is the time to start planning your menu and your table setting decor to make your Christmas dinner extra special for your loved ones! There are so many decor ideas and I am excited to start making them and if I cannot make them then finding them one sale the year before hand or ahead of season is always helpful.

Today I want to share what we made yesterday, they are some super 'snazzy' (and some glittery) holiday place cards for our Christmas dinner table place settings. Each setting will have a name on it so that everyone will know where they will sit during our holiday meal. I wanted to use supplies I already had on hand around the house, and I wanted them to be quick, easy, and (of course) fabulous. So what I found was some new clothes pins (love those), alphabet noodle pasta, silver dragees, iridescent glitter, and glue. And they came out so precious and darling....and they can also be used as buffet tags, in order to label the food so people can easily find what they want to dish onto their plate!! Gather up the kids and make some cute stuff that is also functional!!!



HAhahah I had to put "dry" next to the alphabet pasta just to be silly, wouldn't that be a mess if someone tried to chef boyardee it?! SUCH as mess. Anyways, the Dragees are simply shiny metallic, hard, round, candy decorations that are usually used on cookies. Some states do not sell them, but either you can order them online, or try and find them.

Step 1:

Pick out all the letters that you need and sort them so they are organized and ready to go once you are ready to glue.

Step 2:

Glue letters, then glue the Dragees in the small groove with a little bit of glue.

Step 3:

Set aside to FULLY dry before handling. You'll see it's dry when the glue is more clear in color than opaque.

Step 4: (optional)

For the 'girls'....after they were dry I added glitter to the girls clothes pins, just to make it more fun!!

So originally I had purchased my dragees online because they didn't sell the silver one at the local party and bakery supply stores. I purchased my bag of clothes pin for a really inexpensive price, dollar or two, from walmart, and it comes with about 100. They are so muti-functional and versatile. I use clothes all the time for clips, pretty much use them for everything other than hanging clothes to dry outside. Now I can also use them as place cards or buffet labels. AND I LOVE buffet labels....or labels in general. Once me and my hubby were at a bed and breakfast and I adored their gorgeous buffet set up BECAUSE it was labeled!!!....and because it was beautiful. They had the food looking fresh, cute, and organized!!! So I like to label when we have parties as well....

Jello please, here is one of the traditional jello dishes that me and my family always include in our holiday celebrations!

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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  1. Oh, I just love this! How original and it would be great to label food with!


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