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Color Run coming to your town! {SWEET}

If you get the chance to run a Color Run, you should totally do it! No matter your age or fitness level, you should try and find one in your area! Check them out, do a search for Color Vibe or Color Run and see when might be in your town. Usually you can find a coupon or something of that sort, joining a team and they have a PROMO CODE. Groupon sometimes has a deal for zombie runs and color runs. But if you sign up early enough the rates are usually lower than trying to sign up the 'day of' the race.....and mostly likely the are SOLD OUT because everyone is excited to do one of these.

Dance and Party after the run!

Run, Dance, Walk, to the music!
 They have extra color packets you can buy and also if you recommend the run to a few friends then they give you free sun glasses as part of the PROMO. The color is non-toxic and some runs let kids kids 7 and under run and participate for FREE, as long as you sign a waiver for them.

You can dress up and wear a costume, they sell socks, tank tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts. But usually people wear crazy socks and a 'white' outfit so that the colors really show up good on the clothes. People go all out and even wear shoes that have those splash or neon color designs. I always wondered why they sold those because I never saw anyone wearing a pair like that, but this would be the opportunity to do it. Under Armour and form fitting white colored Nike or Asics clothing would be great.

You will have a blast getting the color EVERYWHERE!
Luckily, the color packets are made from cornstach and is biodegradable so it is safe for you to let loose and not worry about getting it in your mouth while your singing and dancing or breathing in air at the event. You should check out the photos they are awesome and beautiful!!
No matter your age, walk or run this 5K Run!
Right now it is a great time to sign up for one because it is not as hot as the summer months. I'm doing one in a few weeks so I will post the pictures. You can take your own photos but the also will have a professional photography team capturing the event. No worries about taking pictures....
So YOLO it up, "You Only LIVE Once"....live the sweet life and do something fun and fantastic like this type of color run! You will have the time of your life!!!


Would you do a color run? Have already done one, if so...how did it go? Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you!!! Oh and there is also another one called Graffiti 5K Run and they definitely have a Groupon deal, at least an offer for one in the greater Los Angeles area. Until next time!!!
~Be Sweet
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