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NKOTB Virtual Cruise

Scheduled Itinerary APR 23- 26th, 2020
NKOTB Virtual Cruise



Door Decorating Contest
We wouldn't be doing #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE right without a door decorating contest! Get your doors, bedroom walls, kitchen cabinets — whatever you can decorate — ready, Blockheads! Starting Friday, April 24, take a photo & tweet using #NKOTBDoorDecoration. Winners will be picked & announced on Sunday, April 26.

Don’t Rush Challenge
Another challenge we are implementing for #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE weekend is the #DONTRUSHCHALLENGE! We want to see you get ready for each day's theme on the virtual cruise. Gather your fellow Blockheads, virtually, and show us how you transform from your sitting-at-home wear to your cruise ship going out looks within seconds. The challenge starts NOW and goes through Sunday, April 26! Post your videos using BOTH hashtags: #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE & #DONTRUSHCHALLENGE! Check out an example from fellow Blockheads...

NKOTB Exclusive Cruise Documentary — Streaming this weekend only on NKOTB's YouTube channel.


DAY #1: Dress Up! OR The Roaring 20's
Don't Rush Challenge Day 1 — Dress Up/The Roaring 20's
Have fun! Feel the love! And celebrate our bond, even if it's virtual. The pandemic can stop our cruise but it can't stop our love!
12AM: Celebrate the release of "House Party," featuring Boyz II Men, Big Freedia, Naughty By Nature & Jordin Sparks. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or wherever you listen!

8:10AM: Tune in to listen to Donnie chat about "House Party" on Boston's KISS 108.
8:30AM: Tune in to watch NKOTB chat about "House Party," live on Good Morning America (ABC)
10AM: Jenny McCarthy Show - Cruise/House Party Special on Sirius XM Stars 109. If you're not on SiriusXM, sign up for free streaming access through May 15, 2020. Get details!
5PM: NKOTB: Day 1 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Lido Deck Party/Town Hall Launch (YouTube | Facebook)

Watch NKOTB Virtual Cruise Day 1 here...

7PM: Tune in to watch NKOTB chat about "House Party" on Entertainment Tonight (Check local listings to confirm time and station to tune into).
10PM: Donnie 'Blue Bloods' Tweet along. Watch this week's episode of Blue Bloods on CBS and join Donnie on Twitter @donniewahlberg.
11PM: Join Donnie and Jenny for 80's/90's-themed Karaoke on Donnie's IG immediately after @donniewahlberg.


DAY #2: Glitter Night
Don't Rush Challenge Day 2 — Glitter
Glitter is glitter. No need for glitter 2000s. Just glitter. Get Fabulous. Let's go!
12PM: Jordan Knight solo event. Connect with Jordan on IG @jordanknightofficial.
1PM: NKOTB: Day 2 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Game Show (YouTube | Facebook)

  Watch NKOTB Games Nights here...
2PM: Baking with Danny Wood Live Stream (YouTube | Facebook)

8PM: Joey McIntyre Live Concert (YouTube | Facebook)

Watch JM Live here...

9-11PM: 'Glitter Night Party' Live Stream with NKOTB (YouTube | Facebook)

While waiting for #nkotb Virtual Cruise party to start...
Singing during one of the #nkotb Virtual Cruise party songs...

      Watch NKOTB Virtual Cruise Glitter Night here...
 He said Donnie: 'awwwwe' Keep them up there....

Donnie: 'They're Beautiful....'

Jon: 'They're cute...!'


Don't Rush Challenge Day 3 — GPS
Represent where you’re from!
12PM: Selfies with Donnie on IG @donniewahlberg
3PM: Danny Wood IG Live Chat + Selfies. Connect with Danny on IG  @dannywoodofficial
5PM: NKOTB: Day 3 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Door Decorating Contest Winner Announced (YouTube | Facebook)

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