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NKOTB Cruise 2020 Postponed

The New Kids on the Block NKOTB Cruise 2020 was postponed CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 Outbreak on an announcement from the Band and Rose Tours Monday 16, 2020 referenced below.
Now we wait. again.

Hints from Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg before the 'Official' Postpone Cruise Announcement.

"I will not NOT cruise with you guys!!!", Donnie Wahlberg

"We will make it even better when it's time. everyone can keep their spots!", Donnie Wahlberg

"We won't go without all of you.', Donnie Wahlberg

"i believe all are in who were already in.", Donnie Wahlberg

NKOTB Cruise 2020 Official Postpone Announcement 

"Dear Cruisers,
Alongside all of you, we have been following information closely from public health officials and municipalities and working with Carnival to figure out a solution to protect the health and safety of the fans, NKOTB and all of our staff. We held out hope for this year's cruise as long as we could.
We recognize the fact that many of you would not be able to attend due to the current state of international travel and other public health advisories. We take seriously the many safety concerns that most of you have. We also understand that organizing this type of event requires extensive planning and logistics, not just for us, but for all of you who plan on attending (from around the country and the world) as well. With that being said, we have determined that it is in the best interest of everyone for us to reschedule the New Kids on the Block Cruise due to the uncertainty and danger connected with the COVID19 virus. We are committed to operating under the mantra of NO BLOCKHEAD LEFT BEHIND! If we cannot set sail with all of those who planned on attending now, then we will make every effort to set sail with all of those who planned to attend as soon as possible. 
Due to the uncertain nature of the current health crisis, we do not have the reschedule date of sailing just yet and want to do our best to provide accurate information out of respect for each of you. We can, however, ensure you all that NKOTB, Faculty and Rose Tours, are all committed to giving our NKOTB passengers the absolute best NKOTB Cruise ever, with — NO BLOCKHEAD LEFT BEHIND.
We appreciate your patience and support while we make the necessary arrangements. We will reach out when more information on the dates becomes available. From all of us at Rose Tours and on behalf of NKOTB- We love you Blockheads! Be safe, stay healthy and we will reach out as soon as possible. 
Expect further updates to come via notifications such as this."

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