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NKOTB Skate Social 2022

NKOTB Skate Social 2022

New Kids on the Block Skate Social 2022 only in our tween-age dreams, right?!? The New Kids surprised us on Saturday{yesterday} with a secret show announcement allowing Block Nation fans to enter a drawing to possibly win a Skate Social with the New Kids on the Block to celebrate their new release single Bring Back the Time. I was notified today that I was picked as a 'winner' to attend the #NKOTBSkateSocial {which is right up my alley because I STILL go roller skating on a regular basis!} The now infamous #BBTT revealed and it's going down on #NKOTBT!! See you there:) All of our tween -teenage dreams being realized in this day and age, a flicker of hope light!! So many surprises in February!

#NKOTBT Skate Social 'Bring Back The Time'

The New Kids on the Block new song 'Bring Back the Time' features Salt-n-Pepa, Rick Astley, and En Vogue who are also the tour mates on their next Mixtape Tour in 2022. Out March 3rd, 2022

I'm SO HAPPY that #DonnieWahlberg himself saw my reply to the Bring Back the Time reel challenge, and replied to my post....not once, but twice!!! tear #tweenageDreams answers lol!!
It was fun to make that reel, I could put so much more yet it only lets you put so many images content.


Part 1 of the NKOTB Skate Social

NKOTB Skate Social Part 2 

Love the Swatch Watch graphic- new song out March 3rd

Will you be at the NKOTB Skate Social party? Leave a comment below and have a wonderful day!!

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