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St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bark

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bark

How to make your own Chocolate Bark for St. Patrick's or any holiday, just change the color to match the theme you are going for! Fast, quick, and easy tutorial and you will have scrumptious St. Patrick's Day Bark and chocolate pieces for everyone to enjoy. A little chocolate bark goes a long way, use the same candy coating as you would for chocolate dipped strawberries.
 Homemade Chocolate Bark


Chocolate Candy Coating/ Bark
M and M's
Wax Paper
Pan Sheet
Silicone Mold

Step 1:

Melt your chocolate candy coating according to directions on package. 

Step 2:

Pour into pan or use Silicone Mold. {Quickly}

Step 3:

{Quickly} Sprinkle your candies over the melted chocolate before it starts to cool.

Step 4:

Place in the refrigerator to set it up.

After a few minutes it should be set up, flip it over onto some wax paper.
Store in an air tight container and separate with wax paper in between each bark.

Please leave a comment below. Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day this year.....
Have a great day:)

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