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Crystal Chandelier Picks

Decorating with beautiful and decadent crystal chandeliers can really create an inviting ambiance to any space. The twinkle off the crystal glass gems is not only gorgeous but it captures the light and moves the sparkles throughout the room. It is a perfect centerpiece to top off a master suite, walk in closet space, and of course...dining areas. These are a few crystal chandelier picks that I myself would be happy to have in my home to create an instant tone of sophistication.

 I've paired these chandelier lighting fixtures with an amazing silver tufted California king size bed because I am a HUGE fan of tufted furniture and the size of this type of bed will compliment the size and scale of a grand crystal chandelier piece.

Hope you've enjoyed these fantastic chandeliers and tufted beds.
Do you have a chandelier?
Do you like tufted furniture or chandeliers?
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Have a great day:)

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  1. Loved your choices, sad that my husband doesn't fancies chandeliers as I do!b


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